April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Okay, this picture was too cute not to share. I just love how none of us are looking at the camera. Priceless.

It's amazing the number of Facebook friends I have showing off their Easter baskets. Call me judgmental, but why are juniors and seniors in high school still getting baskets with candy? I can understand candy, but baskets too? With the fake grass? It just seems a little bizarre to me. I suppose if I think back the same thing happened with Halloween too.

Which gets me wondering: why, as a society, do we make such a big deal of what we receive? Why not share what we give to others? Just questions to be answered at one point in my life, I'm sure.

My modest haul of Easter candy.

I watched Midnight in Paris for the first time last night. I'll admit, I went in with low expectations and general skepticism for the movie. I think that is why, in part, I ended up enjoying it. I thought the costumes and soundtrack were well done. I especially fell in love with Adriana's wardrobe, secretly wishing the Prom theme was 1920's (like it was originally supposed to be) so I could dress like her. Oh well.

Speaking of Prom, I've decided not to go to mine. It's planned for this Saturday and just too many events are also happening that day. Math Bowl, Relay for Life, an art exhibit I would love to see, etc. Besides, I got asked to babysit for the first time in forever and it's so hard to pass up earning money. A few of my male friends are disappointed, having assured me I would have a good time, (though none would go themselves, so, how could they really) but given the circumstances I feel better not going. If I end up missing out, so be it. I think it's silly to live with regrets.

See you guys on the flip side.


  1. Seriously? Um, I stopped getting Easter baskets when I was like... 12. Not to mention I'm not exactly religious, haha. But I'm still going to my aunt's house for Easter dinner, so... happy Easter! That photo is adorable. But yeah, that reminds me of when people post status updates about "omg! new camera, new clothes, new iphone <3333 best xmas EVER!" like really just stop.

    Anywhizzle (that's a new one) your prom seems like it's so early! Mine isn't til mid May. But I'm sure you won't end up missing much. Just another dumb high school dance except with all the extra hype involved...

  2. Oh my gosh I just realized I thought that candy bag said yolo. Too much time spent on Tumblr...

  3. Well, my family doesn't do Easter baskets with fake grass, but we do an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for my younger siblings, and I usually participate just for funsies. My parents hide some eggs super high up for me too :P

    But yeah. I get how obnoxious that is, still getting those store bought baskets and then bragging about in on FB. Just another way America has commercialized a religious holiday.

    So it goes.

    I respect your decision not to go to your prom. I almost wish I had spent the day up in Dallas shopping :/

  4. Yeah it's kind of ridiculous how much people get on a holiday like this. I got a basket with grass and such but I also have three elementary school siblings..ha