April 18, 2012

I am Silly Lizzie.

Sometimes I wonder if other people think I'm weird. I don't just mean my friends because, believe me, they tell me all the time. I am talking about the strangers I pass every day in the halls at school. Most days now I am practically keeled over with laughter, saying stupid things like "remember that time when my knee fell out" and Puja replying "Like you removed it from your body? Like this?" and pretends to remove it and after that we can barely walk to class. Perhaps I am sleep deprived or super stressed, but I find when I laugh I do feel better. If Reader's Digest taught me anything, it's that laughter is the best medicine...or that could've just been what they called their joke section, I'm not sure.

To clarify, I wonder purely because I think if I saw myself I would think I'm weird. I have no intention of changing. This is me, take it or leave it. I am Silly Lizzie.

Yet here's the thing: I know when to be serious. I can watch a video in Psychology class about developmental deprivation that features naked babies and not repeatedly interrupt with, "oh, look at that baby! That baby is naked! Blah, blah, blah." I seriously want to turn around and scold this incredibly catty, annoying group of junior girls. They think they run the school and have our teacher around their finger. Typical pettiness that is so "high school" and that I can only hope for their sake they grow out of soon.

With each passing day, I become increasingly anxious about my 16 exams and I feel like I don't have time to put up with idiots. My entire physics class today was irrelevant. I think they talked about making an atomic bond? Instead of listening, I sat with my book and worked through the pre-test. A much better use of my time considering I don't have to be doing it now, at home, where I can watch historically factual yet interesting videos about Baker St. and essentially chill by myself. I think my classmates expect to magically pass the exam. What even.

So here's my exam schedule and try to tell me you wouldn't be stressed, too.

May 7th -- AICE General Paper
May 9th -- AP Calculus A/B
May 10th -- AICE AS Thinking Skills (critical thinking)
May 11th -- AICE Psychology (core studies)
May 14th -- AICE AS Thinking Skills (multiple choice)
May 15th -- AICE Physics (practical)
May 16th -- 2nd & 5th period exams*
May 17th -- AICE Psychology (core studies)
-- AICE A Level Thinking Skills
~May 19th -- Graduation~
May 23rd -- AICE Lit (poetry & prose)
May 29th -- AICE Lit (drama)
May 30th -- AICE Physics (structured questions)
June 1st -- AICE A Level Thinking Skills (applied reasoning)
June 14th -- AICE A Level Lit (Shakespeare & 20th century texts)
June 15th -- AICE A Level Lit (comment and appreciation)

*I only have to take a high school generated exam in 2nd and 5th period, my only non-AICE classes.


Days until I graduate: 32
Days until exams are over: 60
Days until I start college: 137


  1. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ALL OF THESE TESTS ARE FOR. IT'S STRESSING ME OUT JUST LOOKING AT THEM. I feel for you, my dear. And I thought I was overloaded with exams.

    It's okay, we can be weird together. I literally have completely stopped caring about what other people must think of my best friends and I as we roll around on the floor of the chorus room singing Holy Musical B@man songs as me intermittently shouting out CLAMS ARE NOT MOLLUSKS while studying for AP bio...

    But wow, those junior girls sound like they need a good slap. *slap*

  2. UGH. I will personally fly down to Florida and high five them all in the face for you.

    JEEZ. I can't even imagine taking exams after graduating.

    You are such a smartie :)

  3. What Natalie said. There are just so many.