April 25, 2012

I didn't stop at stir fry.

I was quite chipper and witty through most of the day, but then I let the waterworks flow and we all know how that goes.

I went to Target this afternoon.  I actually drove part of the way there (I'm probably way more proud of this than I ought to be), and clearly did not crash.  I love going to Target, especially now that I know its headquarters is in Minneapolis.  I ended up buying the One Direction and The Wanted CDs, some pretty nail polishes, gum, mini rolos and contact solution. 

Yep, I live the life.

Tomorrow is another day.

Days until I graduate: 25
Days until exams are over: 53
Days until I start college: 130

1 comment:

  1. i love target! haha i went there yesterday with my boyfriend for "essentials" & ended up buying body wash, marie claire (because zooey deschanel is on the cover), & he's just not that into you on dvd because it was only $5. so love target shopping with the boyfriend : )