April 02, 2012

I may or may not have One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" stuck in my head.

I feel like I'm in hyperdrive, head down, determined to bust out this post as quickly (yet awesomely) as possible. I'm seriously so focused, I heard a bag rustling in the corner of my room and had to tell it to be quiet. Why can't it tell I'm working?

My neuroses aside, I had a super stellar day at school. And when I say super stellar, I really mean borderline coma-inducing monotony, only broken up by brief moments of hilarity. Taken out of context they may seem ordinary, thus I'll do my best to set the scene for both. Without further ado...

Here we are, sitting in AICE Physics, trying to wrap our heads around superposition of waves when our teacher makes some semi-sexist remark. Honestly, I don't remember what it was, but it was actually pro-female. I know, shocking. The funny part was when Marissa said "See, he knows not to yell at women," to which Kaitlin quipped, "SHUT UP, MARISSA!"

And scene.

Okay, so maybe you had to be there.

The other quote can be derived from my AP Calc class. (See what I did there?) Our teacher had just finished teaching this "so cool" method for integrating by parts (or as Aniesa thinks, integrating by pants) when she says, "this is only reliable about 90% of the time," and without missing a beat, nearly the whole class shouts "90%!?!" Never before were we so concerned with not being able to do something in math. Also, fun fact: I wrote maybe three numbers on an entire page of Calc notes. Lots of 'u's and 'v's instead, that, unfortunately for me, start to look the same with my atrocious handwriting. I must learn to be careful!

And scene.

In retrospect, those anecdotes don't seem all that amusing, but hey, you can't fault a girl for trying.

To me, there is no harder question than "how was your ____ break?" One of these days I'm going to make up extravagant stories for when friends ask. For example: "Yeah, I went swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, then I flew to LA and hung out Adam Levine. In Alaska both aliens and zombies attacked, so I fended both off with a laser I invented. But other than that, it was totally chill. How about you?"

I think it has potential.

On a more serious note, I am honored to have become a trendsetter amongst the Blogger Family for doing BEDA! I am excited to read posts from Maggie, Lizzi, Em, Shelby and whoever else has decided to take part. Sorry if I missed someone. Just let me know in a comment here so I can keep up with it.

To recap: WOO! BEDA 2012! Let's do this!


  1. YAY DERIVATIVES. My AP Calc teacher will kill us with the passion of 100 fiery suns if we don't make our Vs and Us look as different as possible.

    Asking someone how their break/vacation/trip/etc. was is always just one of those questions that people ask without REALLY wanting to hear the entire answer, most of the time at least, leaving the person who was asked that question in a bit of a pickle.

  2. I found your stories funny! But that might just be because I'm half asleep and I haven't had my morning coffee yet :/

  3. 1. Okay, being as I wasn't a fan of the book I naturally wouldn't like the movie (though it was slightly better than expected). I don't know though, maybe I'll explain why I don't like it today.

    And don't worry your stories were funny (and I secretly have had that One Direction song stuck in my head this week too so don't feel too bad). Oh and also I am stealing your spring break story if you don't mind. :p

  4. so glad you are doing this blogger project, its lovely to read your words.
    oh dearrr....one direction...LOL.
    keep up the fab blogging buddy! :D