April 09, 2012

I should be doing homework.

For the next twenty minutes I will try my best to ignore the fact I have a Spanish presentation to write and practice for tomorrow. Okay? Okay.

I feel like nothing happened today, but I'm sure stuff went down. Truly memorable stuff. For instance, Puja told me she was allergic to my face when she sneezed upon looking at me. I basically gave a 10-minute half-synopsis, half-review of Midnight in Paris to my friends, who probably regretted asking in the first place.

Most notably, my English teacher, for the umpteenth time, remarked that the essay prompt was "easy," to which I agreed...but only after convincing myself for 30 minutes it couldn't be that hard. I don't mean to sound arrogant when I say this, yet I truly wonder what the rest of the class must be doing while we're supposed to be furiously analyzing texts. I'm seriously convinced they stare off into space indefinitely. As it has become a custom to critique papers as a class the next day, I've seen the things my classmates write and that should be evidence enough. A ton of papers read as regurgitation of notes, without a proper thesis, and incoherent sentence structures.

Literally one of the funniest moments this year was when, upon reading aloud, our teacher stopped and inquired why the person wrote "poisoned cup" (in reference to the revenge plot in Hamlet) as opposed to poisoned wine. He then pretended to jab a kid in the first seat near him with a cup and acted out the scene if the cup itself were poisoned. It was terrific. Did I mention he's in his late 60s (he claims early 70s), always wears a suit and drinks coffee? It's awesome, and I often treat him as a worldly professor, so out of place in my hometown, FL.. Now that I think about it, he's essentially Mr. Feeny. I could see him giving this very same speech.

In other earth-shattering news, I think I should stop wanting this ring since it's a whopping $200 and meant for engagements. And here I thought rings on Modcloth were expensive.

Talk to you tomorrow, friends.

Days until I graduate: 41
Days until exams are over: 68
Days until I start college: 145


  1. Oh god, some of the sample essays we read in AP English from past exams are just... so... bad. One was about a poem called The Death of a Toad, and the first sentence was, "The Death of a Toad is about the death of a toad." And the rest of it was not much better.

  2. >.< sometimes people shock me. I have known kids to take naps during test though.