April 28, 2012

Into the Woods!

I just got home from my high school's production of Into the Woods. If you can believe it, this was the first musical (and now last) I've attended at the high school whist going there. (I don't count seeing Beauty & the Beast when I was in elementary school.)

I fell in love with the sets and the costumes.  And I really must give props to the tech crew; the lighting cues and sound effects were spot on. The story was entertaining, but the second act and its songs made me want to sleep. Not sure if its the play's fault or these particular actors' fault. Probably the former.  Overall, I thought they did a fantastic job, and I was glad I could see my talented friends perform, some for the last time.

Afterward, Emilia and I congratulated various members of the cast.

Have a good night.

Days until I graduate: 22
Days until exams are over: 50
Days until I start college: 127


  1. The only plays I see from my school are the ones they make us see because they go along with whatever we're studying in English. Boooring.

    The costumes are really quite impressive, though!

    Thank you so much! :D I think not writing for so long made me realize that I wasn't putting a lot of effort into my writing.

    Thanks again =.= I hope it works out with you and Tennis Lover, too. If worst comes to worst, you can always meet someone dashing and charming in college :D

  2. It looks like it was a great performance! I love plays put on at school.

    Funny enough, my university theatre dept. put this on last year, but sadly, I didn't get to see it as I was swamped with papers! Bah.

    Hope you're well! :)