April 12, 2012

Nearing the end.

As the end of the school year looms -- seriously how did this happen? -- various senior-centric activities are happening. I figured since I won't have much time tonight I should just list them, explain them, and say if I'm participating in them or not.

1. Prom. It's this Saturday. I've already stated here I wasn't gonna go. Unfortunately, my plans to babysit fell through so I have accidentally lied to my friends for why I'm not going. Still, I don't have a dress and the thought of getting myself ready and pretty does not sound fun. If they ask I'll tell them the truth, but for not I just will keep it on the DL.

2. Grad Bash. It's a senior-only night at Islands of Adventure and Universal on April 20th. I'm not going to this either. I debated this a bit because I mean, who doesn't want to spend all night at a theme park? Then I realized the price was basically the same as a normal day ticket, which is pretty lame. Besides, most of my friends have annual passes and this date of course would be a blacked-out, meaning they couldn't use it, and they'd have to pay more. Not to mention the dress code is ridiculously strict because it is a school function. I'm not even sure they'd let you wear a bathing suit under your clothes for rides like Atlantis and such. If the summer goes as planned I will just go with friends and finally see Wizarding World in the flesh.

3. Senior wills. There's a rumor that we aren't writing these this year, but I hope there's no truth behind it. I agree the ones last year were outrageously long, and if that's why we can't do it, because they wasted ink, I will be mad. I've patiently waited all four years to leave things to my underclassmen friends and my peers. I think it's something that defines being a senior, more so even than Grad Bash or to an extent Prom (granted my school's Prom is exclusively senior). I guess I have to keep my ear to the ground to know. I have no idea if there will be senior superlatives. From my understanding they are arbitrarily picked by the Yearbook/Newspaper staff so you better be friends with them or you're not going to get one. I could be wrong about this, that seniors actually vote, yet for some reason I'm not convinced.

4. Hands on the wall. The Interact Club sponsors this project each year where a selected artist from the class paints a mural and then seniors pay to put their hands and name around it on the same wall. I've always thought this was neat and I'm definitely taking part.

5. Pool party. The day before grad practice seniors go for only the first half of the day then attend this. You can also merely leave campus and I must talk to friends about having a movie marathon. Actually, it might just be a study day. Sadly, I think there are AICE exams the next day. Obviously the University of Cambridge doesn't care if it interferes with our grad practice.

There may be some things I'm forgetting...I'm tired.

Everything is starting to happen so fast. It is simultaneously awesome and scary.

I'm curious what senior traditions there are at your school!

Days until I graduate: 38
Days until exams are over: 65
Days until I start college: 142


  1. Ugh, the amusement park adventure sounds awesome to me! Except for the expensive part, but other than that... WIZARDING WORLD. I'm jealous. It sounds like you guys have some cool senior traditions and such, especially the hands on the wall thing. Um, we don't do anything besides senior superlatives by the yearbook (only the super p0pular~~~ people get them) and a senior prank (which is always inevitably lame, and I'm sure whatever people in my grade end up doing will be too.) I don't know, it's hard to get pumped for the end of school with all of this stress about finals and thesis writing and AP exams and blah blah blah.

    What day do you graduate? I can't do math anymore. I'm June 4th.

  2. OMG. I would love to go to Island of Adventure all night, regardless the price! I went last year and was so sad when the park closed and we had to leave for the night :/

    My senior class has this lame picnic thing, globe scholars, and a lame prank that just hurts the school :/ Oh, and prom, which I have already attended.

    That's about it.

  3. I kind of feel bad and really spoiled because my senior year was fantastic, and the school and community does a lot of stuff for each senior class. Perks of living in a small, rich town, I suppose.

    We have two dances each year, Winter Formal in January that is open to the whole school and then Prom in April for the juniors and seniors. The juniors are the ones that put everything together for prom each year. We have senior superlatives too, which I suppose is funner at a small school because you actually know everyone and have more chance of getting one. I got Most Photogenic, though I don't know why.

    As for the rest of the senior stuff . . .
    -Seniors go on their class trip to Six Flags, which is awesome because it's Six Flags.
    -We have a thing called Progressive Dinner where the seniors start at one house for appetizers, go to another for the main course, and then to another house, which has to have a pool, for dessert and swimming.
    -After graduation, we have Project Graduation where we drive to Abilene (the city closest to us) and go to Primetime (one of those bowling/racing/putt-putt/game places) where we stay all night.
    -They put on a lot of fundraisers and get a lot of donations throughout the year to pay for all of this, and then they split the leftover and give us money and "Albany Bucks" to spend at the businesses around town.

    We were really, really spoiled.