April 27, 2012

A Passage to India...in my pants.

I am seriously considering buying one of those Troy & Abed In The Morning mugs. 
Community is my favorite. 

Today was a remarkable day in my life.  Well, kind of.

I overcame the pain of getting a C on a Physics test I studied really hard for by introducing my friends to the "book title + in my pants" phenomenon.  We laughed so loud and so much we were all at risk of a ruptured gut.  We came up with a few that were particular funny: Nervous Conditions in my pants.  An Ideal Husband in my pants.  Locked On in my pants.

The list goes on, I assure you.

And I have to say, it felt good to just be silly and not care.  So what if we have less than two weeks until our exams start?  As I've said before, laughter really is the best medicine.

OH MY GOODNESS.  I just looked at my college's admitted students yet non-school affiliated Facebook group and the cover photo is too awesome.  There's a time turner, a Tardis, David Tennant and a panda photoshopped into a photo of the school's flags.  It's official.  I'm in love.

On that note, I think I shall leave you to help my friend with his homework via Skype.  He keeps asking me random facts about the tundra that I then have to google.  Well, except for one question...

Him: soil type for the tundra
Me: man
Me: I don't know
Him: lol use Google
Me: Maybe...PERMAFROST??
Me: Like, for real?
Me: Why did you have to ask me?
Him: because I need your help
A few minutes later...
Him: so yeah you gonna help me with that?
Me: what?
Me: the soil?
Him: yeah

I wish I was kidding.

Days until I graduate: 23
Days until exams are over: 51
Days until I start college: 128

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  1. WOWWWW. I have friends that don't know how to use google either, so I know your pain.