April 13, 2012

Totally awesome.

Tonight I saw my first live performance of A Very Potter Musical! The half hour trek there and back to Nikki's high school was definitely worth it. If I had to, I'd give the overall show 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the actors playing Draco, Hermione, Ron, Snape and Voldemort, were especially excellent, reminding me of the StarKid performers. Nikki hadn't seen the original, which made me wonder how many others in the full audience hadn't seen it either. Occasionally, I'd hear whispers (for instance "why is Zac Efron so important?") and that's a pretty dead giveaway they aren't true fans. Fun fact: I realize I know the kid who played Professor Quirrell, but chances are he doesn't remember me. That's fine, he and I travel in different circles know, go to different schools, the whole nine yards.

Tomorrow I have Math Bowl in the morning so I must cut this short. There's no danger I won't be reblogging scenes from AVPM on tumblr for the next 24 hours, though. You should tell me what your favorite part is and I'll give my best review of how well Nikki's school did it!

Have a good night!

Days until I graduate: 37
Days until exams are over: 64
Days until I start college: 141


  1. My favorite part is all of them ;P

    Just kidding, you can review whichever part!

    Good luck with your Math Bowl, you super brainiac, you!

  2. i hope the math bowl went well! & i love the little countdown you have going on : )