April 17, 2012

"Wait until I've had my morning coffee."

I come to you after having a severe outburst of emotion after school today. Yes, I cried. I almost combusted on the Internet, but I quickly thought better of it. While I'm all for ranting, sometimes it helps to be more direct in your arguments, not just blanket swears at the injustices of the world, though that certainly has its place. (Angst. Gotta love it.)

My outburst was triggered by the culmination of events in AICE Physics class the last few days. My former physics teacher -- that everyone loved, I might add -- had to retire mid-year and his replacement, Mr. C for short, has gradually gotten under my skin. He treats my class like we're all the next Einstein or Heisenberg and that annoys me. He'll say, "feel free to ask me questions," but once you do he'll respond "Wait until I've had my morning coffee."

Wait. What? I'm sorry, but what have you been doing for the past few hours? Don't you drink coffee before you leave for work or while driving to work? Why are you still just sitting there? Why aren't you rushing to the teacher's lounge to make some? Oh, well, I guess you can't answer any of these questions either. I should wait until you've had your morning coffee.

He's also made a point to try to call me out in the middle of class. For instance, he stopped mid-lecture and said, "I hope people aren't working on English during Physics, Elizabeth" causing everyone to turn and look, when all I had were Physics flashcards on my desk. Then, the other day, he called me a coward. I got looks of pity from friends and that stung more. They didn't rise to my defense, they just pitied me.

He insists on calling me Elizabeth, which I absolutely hate. Only a select few people are ever allowed to call me that and have it be okay. You see, I've been called Lizzie essentially my whole life. I know the roster says 'Elizabeth', and that must confuse him, but I've told him numerous times I strongly prefer Lizzie. He just doesn't listen.

Today, he announced our grades openly in front of the class, so long as we said he could. Okay, that's fine. He goes alphabetically and a few people before me have high B's and low A's. Okay, that's fine. Then he gets to me and it goes down like this:

Mr. C: Elizabeth [do you want to know your grade?]
Me: Yes
Mr. C: *makes weird face*
Me: ...
Mr. C: I'll tell you later.
Me: What? Why?
Mr. C: ...
Me: It's my grade. Just say it, please.
Mr. C: 72. C.
Me: Okay.
Mr. C: You'll have to fix that.
Me: Okay.

He made it seem like I was going to fail! I know C's aren't wonderful, but I've recovered from them before. I suppose I'm most upset about how he dealt with it. Did he really have to embarrass me in front of the entire class by making it seem like a big deal?

Yeah, I'm really upset. Have you ever had to deal with a teacher/professor like this? How'd that go? Any coping mechanisms?

I better go study Physics now.

Days until I graduate: 33
Days until exams are over: 61
Days until I start college: 138


  1. Aw, hun, don't worry about it! He's just a jerk and you won't have to deal with him much longer. You get internet hugs <3

  2. UGH.

    I have had my fair share of idiot teachers.

    Most of the time I just fantasize about keying their cars or putting wet red paint on their seats, but usually I just deal with it my going to my school counselor and saying that they are causing mental duress.

    Keep in mind that I live in Texas, but this one teacher didn't get his contract renewed because he religiously alienated his students and implied that because they believed in a higher power they were ignorant and not intelligent.

    If a teacher gathers enough student and parent complaints the school board in my district usually takes notice and fires those teachers.

    ANYWAYS. That teacher is a douchebag. Whenever he's mean to you, blame it on the fact that he's probably upset because he's not getting any action at home because his wife left him for his nicer, more attractive brother.

    Or not. I just really hate idiot teachers and I like making up sadistic scenarios about why they're so horrible.

  3. Oh my GOD, what a dick! I am seriously so annoyed with this asshole! There is nothing worse than a bad teacher, and I'm sorry you have to deal with one.

    I don't have any advice other than to stand up for yourself. Don't do anything that would get you in trouble, obviously, but be assertive when you speak to him. Stand your ground, and don't let him belittle you.

    And just keep in mind that, like Lizzi said, you won't have to deal with him much longer.

    P.S. Lizzi's comment made me LOL. Gosh, I love you guys.

  4. Wow, he sounds like an asshole, especially for announcing your grade in class and everything. I kind of want to punch him in the face. I feel like that always happens with replacement teachers; they feel like they have something to prove so they decide to just act as obnoxious as possible to prove something to themselves and the class or something. I don't know. At least the year is almost over.