April 23, 2012

Where the sun keeps shining thru' the pouring rain.

This recent blog post about Florida got me thinking: do things really seem "purer" in the Sunshine State?  My initial answer is no, absolutely not, but I am heavily biased.

I've lived here my entire life and I think I've fallen in love more with the other places I visit. Providence, RI and Minneapolis, MN are ten times prettier; Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA are ten times busier.  Granted these are bigger cities, and that could be a big factor, but there is something inherently dull about my hometown.

In Florida, I've had to listen to stories like the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the Casey Anthony trials on the local news.  I've walked the aisles strictly dedicated to orange juice and sunscreen.  I've experienced the devastating hurricanes circa 2006.  I've picked out my share of tourists on the beach and at the theme parks.  I've comfortably worn shorts in December.  I've felt at home in the Orlando International Airport.  (The list could go on, but I have a poetry assignment to work on.)

What do you think? 
Is Florida just the ultimate vacation spot in your mind? 
Do you have grandparents that live here?

Let me know!

Days until I graduate: 27
Days until exams are over: 55
Days until I start college: 132


  1. Based on the stereotypes and what have you that I have heard about Florida over the years, in my mind, the only good thing about it is Disney World. But the only bit of Florida I've been to is Disney World, and I don't like warm weather, so I'm obviously biased as well.

  2. I've only ever been to Orlando, so I don't really know much about Florida.

    I mean, I guess if you live in one place for a really long time you tend to see the imperfections in it.

  3. I generally tend to think of Florida as two things: Disney World and the Keys, both of which were family vacation destinations that I absolutely despised. I know, what little kid hates Disney World? Apparently me, mostly because my parents were lame and refused to go on any rides with me and as a 6 year old I wasn't going to go on them alone. The plight of the only child. But yeah, it just seems like the place to go if you're retiring or want to go on vacation... what can I say, I'm influenced by stereotypes, haha.