April 01, 2012

"You've been ice cream sundae-ed!"

I've decided to do BEDA (blogging every day in April) again. I did it last year and the year before that with a fair amount of success. I know it sounds insane, especially this year when April will also be my last full month of high school, but I am up for the challenge.

(Sorry, I just got distracted swiveling around in my spinning desk chair. Did you know Thomas Jefferson invented the first version of one? The things you learn in Government class.)

Last night I live-tweeted the Kids' Choice Awards. As you could tell, I had a lot fun. Highlight of my Saturday night, let me tell you. There were a few inaccuracies I should amend, though. Such as I will be watching The Legend of Korra when it premieres later this month, not The Legend of Korea, though I'm sure if such a show exists it is fantastic. I know it's Robert Pattinson, not Patterson. I was clearly getting tired. The toys are Dizzy Dancers, not Dizzy Daners, though I'm sure if such a toy existed it'd be fantastic. And, last but not least, my dyslexia must've kicked in, making me type Beiber and instead of Bieber. Silly me.

Now that that's all sorted out, I'm off to watch the 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Men's Final with my man Novak Djokovic. I hope he wins so he can "celebrate" again. Wink, wink.

Have a Happy April 1st, guys! I don't recognize April Fool's Day. It goes against my religion.


  1. I HAVE DECIDED TO DO BEDA AS WELL. I completely forgot about it until you mentioned it, so thank you!

    Also, I laughed really hard at your "Sorry, I just got distracted swiveling around in my spinning desk chair."

  2. Probably not cause I'm a loser, but I'll do CEDA and comment on everything, so that's close enough, right?

    It's okay. I always end up making mistakes in Tweets and then it drives me crazy so I have to delete them.

    I forgot April Fool's Day existed.

  3. Welp. I better get to making a post if I wanna get into this BEDA business!

    I'm really excited for The Legend of Korra :)

  4. WOOOO for blogging every day! We will defeat this beast known as BEDA (even if you are trained in conquering it~!)

  5. your live-tweeting of the kca's was pretty awesome. I also think Legend of Korea would be a pretty awesome show.
    I did BEDA when I was 16 and every time I look at those blog posts I want to run the other way and hide inside of a cave (with Josh Hutcherson...)

  6. BLOGGING EVERDAY IN APRIL! thats an awesome idea.
    I can't wait to read all your posts. mega excited.
    much love i send to you. <3