May 29, 2012

Out to lunch.

After our AICE Lit exam this morning, Patricia and I went out to lunch at a lovely place called Ossorio's.  We wanted the chance to talk as well as a reason to get together and exchange yearbook signings.  She is one of my closest friends and I'm very fortunate to know someone so intelligent and caring.  It will be hard to say goodbye in the fall, but I know she'll have an amazing time at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. studying International Relations.  I wish her the absolute best in the future, but until we part, I hope we can spend more time this summer doing fun things.  We already agreed to eat at the Thai restaurant not far from where we ate today!

On Sunday, Brianna hosted a garage sale in order to raise funds for college in California.  She still has another year before she graduates so I applaud her early strides to make her dream a reality.  As a fellow photographer/artist in the area, I love to support her any chance I can, so I gladly biked ten minutes or so to buy a few items.  I ended up getting the dark brown photo frame and, albeit non-functioning, polaroid camera.  Anything she doesn't sell in the next few weeks she plans to put on etsy or eBay, so I may be promoting her with a link or something.  

A quick to-do list:
  • Write thank you cards to various relatives
  • Send Nicola's incredibly overdue package (you have no idea how bad I feel about this!)
  • Register for classes
  • Study for my last few exams (only five more to go)
  • Watch all three seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix (I finally caved for a month free trial)
  • Seriously clean my room and my closet

Here is a video I made from various footage I or my brother/Puja took during Graduation and Project Graduation.  Had I actually conceptualized this video BEFORE it happened, I think I would've included other awesome aspects of Project Graduation like laser tag, an inflatable obstacle course, a cash machine and the food.  Note: If it's unfocused, it's because I didn't have control over the camera.
music: "Call It What You Want" -- Foster the People

I hope you are well!

May 26, 2012


I just got back from an extensive bike ride.  In the past I've often stayed within my neighborhood, but today I decided to branch out and explore unchartered territory.  I'm so glad I did, even if it meant entering a somewhat sketchy area with a super creepy building (see pictures) and having to out-pedal a dog I feared had rabies*. 

Perhaps I can blame playing too much Resident Evil, but I dared not enter the building.  By the time I got my camera out to snap these pictures, my imagination had already run wild and I remember thinking, "what if there are bats?" like that is the most terrifying thing that could've been on the other side of these doors.  I must be deathly afraid of bats or something.  I'm surprised I convinced myself to stay as long and get as close as I did, though.

I also biked past several wooded patches that probably would be fun to photograph in, yet I suppose I'll save those for another day.  My curiosity can become my motivation to be active and exercise!

In other news, suffice to say I've had an interesting week.  As of today everyone is out of school and probably at the beach trying to get tan.  I am personally not as interested in doing that because of skin cancer.  (This video has effectively made me more aware of it and its dangers, especially at my age.)

This past Monday I spent most of the day with the guy I really like.  Thanks to that day, I now have my first kiss, and although we can't conceivably date, I'm really fortunate to have shared it with someone as kind, smart, funny, and cute as he is.  I know there's a lot I'm not saying about the situation, but if I've learned anything over the years as a blogger, it's that sometimes certain things are too personal for the internet.  Just take my word for it when I say everything is fine.

I hope everyone has been having a lovely week.  Oh, and congrats, to fellow Class of 2012 graduate, Lizzi!  You did it!

*You just never know.  They don't all foam at the mouth, right?

Days until exams are over: 20
Days until I start college: 97

May 20, 2012


I'd love to say that things have changed immensely now that I've officially graduated high school. I really would. But frankly?  It's just more of the same.  The same attention-starved friends, the same boisterous, obnoxious classmates, and the same incredibly ignorant peers are no different now that they've marched down a field, across a stage, and shook a few dignitaries' hands. I, too, am not immune, and will remain unchanged from one night's elevated celebration.  Rather than a sudden change, it has been a gradual progression of our lives that has coalesced into who we are now.  Graduation is merely a poignant series of moments that allows us to attempt to remember where we've been and where we're going in song, speech and applause.

The ceremony carried on well although the inability to hear one girl sing was a bummer.  She has a beautiful voice.  The welcome speech delivered by our Senior Class President left much to be desired, even though it took FOREVER and I wouldn't be surprised if she intentionally drew it out.  (She's...well...suffice to say I would enjoying playing this song to her, the chorus especially.)  Jackie, Vashti, Puja and Patricia did a good job delivering the Valedictory speech, even though that had its weak points.  Still, I'm happy with how everything went.

After we threw our caps in the air, friends and family stormed the field and the inevitable photo-ops ensued.  Nikki came since she had graduated the day before (I know, how unfair!) so I met up with her and then she helped take other various pictures with friends and faculty.

After Graduation itself I had about two hours before I had to go to Project Graduation, a parent organized party/lock-in for seniors.  The idea is instead of going out and drinking, you stay safe, yet have an awesome time with friends from 11 pm to 6 am.

The various events from the night included:  
  • A cash machine.  I won $15, which was actually just the minimum guarantee
  • Casino games.  I only played Texas Hold 'Em poker and did pretty well.
  • A dance floor.  Patricia and I were the first to fearlessly go out there and show off our moves.
  • Inflatable games.  I managed to win one, but lose another quite badly.
  • Caricature artists.  There were two there, each with different styles, so I got both.  Hey, it was free.
  • Food.  I don't even remember what I ate.
  • A hypnotist.  He was really awesome, getting this one kid (pictured below) to do some hilariously ridiculous things.
  • Raffled prizes.  I won $100 cash!

Patricia's caricature 

Under hypnosis, he gets ready for a beauty pageant. 

 My caricatures from the event

The Project Graduation goodie bag haul

I hope you are doing well, my friends!

Days until exams are over: 27
Days until I start college: 104

May 17, 2012

Farewell, high school.

Completed c/o 2012 'hands on the wall' project

Today was my final day of high school. I almost don't believe it. Partially because I just spent it taking two exams (one of which was pretty much impossible), eating lunch at the senior pool party, and leaving campus early; and partially because I can still vividly remember when my brother was a senior and I, a lowly sophomore.  I mean, has that much time really passed?

 My friends in American Gov't

My awesome AP Calc class

The cake from the NHS Induction Ceremony

In AICE Chemistry, to commemorate the end of the year, each of us got to make a souvenir silver flask.  See, Chemistry can be fun!  Of all my classes, I am going to miss this one the most, almost purely for the inside jokes and talking with Emilia.  At any rate (no pun intended),  I am super stoked to have gotten a 102% for the final semester grade.  All those killer practice exams paid off after all!
Aniesa's silver flask

My signed silver flask (in this instance prominently featuring Chem Boy's actual name...)

The past few days have also been busy getting my yearbook signed.  I  am quite happy with the design. The past two have been fairly terrible.  It's so nice to be able to read the font/captions for a change.  They still didn't list everyone in the various sports pictures, though, which is odd and annoying.  It seems to defeat the purpose of having it in the future, does it not?  That aside, the front and back cover art (also done by my friend Tori, who did the wall) is super awesome.  No complaints. Plus, they featured my drawing of a raider on an inside page!  Heck yeah! 

I have grad practice tomorrow morning and then Saturday evening is the real deal.  I'm trying hard not to freak out right now. (!!!!!!!!)

Days until I graduate: 2
Days until exams are over: 30
Days until I start college: 107

May 09, 2012

The limit does not exist.

Sometimes my friend Kaitlin does some crazy stuff and I document it.  It's an unspoken agreement we have. I'm gonna miss her when we graduate and attend different colleges, but we've already said we'll plan days to dress up together as something awesomely bizarre, take pictures, and share on Facebook.  We've already covered rainbow barfing pandas and neon trees. The possibilities are endless.

This second to last week of school has already gotten off to a busy start.  Not only did I brave a 3 hour AP Calc exam today, I've been slaving away on a poetry analysis assignment for English since I've been home midday.  I would be tempted to blow it off if it weren't our final exam grade...

On Monday morning I had a AICE General Paper exam.  I think I did really well, and if not well, I definitely passed.  I found two hours go by surprisingly quickly when you're writing 500 word essays.  As always, though, there were the people "done" before the halfway point, and I would just love to read their papers.  What are they thinking?

Unlike AP, you're expected to stay on campus after your Cambridge testing so I spent my remaining  periods of the day revising for the other exams I have this week, namely Calc -- but now that's over with -- HUZZAR! -- and Psychology on Friday.

Monday after during the last two periods was our Cambridge banquet.  It wasn't so much a banquet as an awards ceremony with cupcakes afterward, but you get the gist.  My friends and I sported our super spiffy   Cambridge senior shirts for the occasion.  On the back (which of course you can't see, my b) are a list of ten things that answer the phrase "You know you're a 2012 Cambridge senior when..." which are fairly funny inside jokes.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

I didn't receive any awards while all four my close friends did, which was quite upsetting. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for my friends, and they are completely deserving, I just wish I would be recognized for my talents.  Alas, you have to be either a good test taker or a class clown to get anything and I am not either of those things.

As if my day wasn't already long enough, we had Academic Awards Night that evening.  It was essentially an instant replay of the afternoon's banquet, except with even more long-winded speeches about scholarships and such.  At the end, all 102 honor grads were called up and we lined the circumference of the auditorium.  It felt surreal to be standing there, tassel in hand, with the guidance counselors announcing where everyone is attending come fall.  And yet, it's suddenly all more real and believable that Graduation is already next weekend.

There's a NHS induction ceremony tonight.  Thank goodness it should be short.

Best of luck to everyone else taking exams and such.  Finish out strong!

Days until I graduate: 10
Days until exams are over: 38
Days until I start college: 115