May 17, 2012

Farewell, high school.

Completed c/o 2012 'hands on the wall' project

Today was my final day of high school. I almost don't believe it. Partially because I just spent it taking two exams (one of which was pretty much impossible), eating lunch at the senior pool party, and leaving campus early; and partially because I can still vividly remember when my brother was a senior and I, a lowly sophomore.  I mean, has that much time really passed?

 My friends in American Gov't

My awesome AP Calc class

The cake from the NHS Induction Ceremony

In AICE Chemistry, to commemorate the end of the year, each of us got to make a souvenir silver flask.  See, Chemistry can be fun!  Of all my classes, I am going to miss this one the most, almost purely for the inside jokes and talking with Emilia.  At any rate (no pun intended),  I am super stoked to have gotten a 102% for the final semester grade.  All those killer practice exams paid off after all!
Aniesa's silver flask

My signed silver flask (in this instance prominently featuring Chem Boy's actual name...)

The past few days have also been busy getting my yearbook signed.  I  am quite happy with the design. The past two have been fairly terrible.  It's so nice to be able to read the font/captions for a change.  They still didn't list everyone in the various sports pictures, though, which is odd and annoying.  It seems to defeat the purpose of having it in the future, does it not?  That aside, the front and back cover art (also done by my friend Tori, who did the wall) is super awesome.  No complaints. Plus, they featured my drawing of a raider on an inside page!  Heck yeah! 

I have grad practice tomorrow morning and then Saturday evening is the real deal.  I'm trying hard not to freak out right now. (!!!!!!!!)

Days until I graduate: 2
Days until exams are over: 30
Days until I start college: 107


  1. Ah! Best of luck with your graduation! Mine isn't until this Friday.

    P.S. Your yearbook looks pretty swell :)

  2. Whoa, your yearbook looks so cool! I'm sure ours is going to look ridiculous since the theme is TV (yeah, I know) so I'll just gander at yours instead. ;) Fancy shmancy name plates too, haha! And the silver flask for chem is such a cool memento. I can't believe we're all graduating! CRAZINESS.

    A yearbook, gah thats so cool. I have always wanted to have one of those. :)
    I love the idea of the silver flask, such a perfect little memento. :)