May 26, 2012


I just got back from an extensive bike ride.  In the past I've often stayed within my neighborhood, but today I decided to branch out and explore unchartered territory.  I'm so glad I did, even if it meant entering a somewhat sketchy area with a super creepy building (see pictures) and having to out-pedal a dog I feared had rabies*. 

Perhaps I can blame playing too much Resident Evil, but I dared not enter the building.  By the time I got my camera out to snap these pictures, my imagination had already run wild and I remember thinking, "what if there are bats?" like that is the most terrifying thing that could've been on the other side of these doors.  I must be deathly afraid of bats or something.  I'm surprised I convinced myself to stay as long and get as close as I did, though.

I also biked past several wooded patches that probably would be fun to photograph in, yet I suppose I'll save those for another day.  My curiosity can become my motivation to be active and exercise!

In other news, suffice to say I've had an interesting week.  As of today everyone is out of school and probably at the beach trying to get tan.  I am personally not as interested in doing that because of skin cancer.  (This video has effectively made me more aware of it and its dangers, especially at my age.)

This past Monday I spent most of the day with the guy I really like.  Thanks to that day, I now have my first kiss, and although we can't conceivably date, I'm really fortunate to have shared it with someone as kind, smart, funny, and cute as he is.  I know there's a lot I'm not saying about the situation, but if I've learned anything over the years as a blogger, it's that sometimes certain things are too personal for the internet.  Just take my word for it when I say everything is fine.

I hope everyone has been having a lovely week.  Oh, and congrats, to fellow Class of 2012 graduate, Lizzi!  You did it!

*You just never know.  They don't all foam at the mouth, right?

Days until exams are over: 20
Days until I start college: 97


  1. AHHH! I am VERY scared of bats. Mostly because they carry rabies.

    Also, I love being graduated. I feel like I can start BEING.

  2. I would honestly be more scared of zombies being on the other side, that just looks like a place for them.

    I'll never understand why people sit in the sun for hours, get fake tans, or sit in tanning beds. skin cancer is terrible and so is orange skin. some girls look like they rolled around in nachos doritos for hours.

  3. Ooh, that place looks creepy. I would not be afraid of bats, but I'd probably be terrified of zombie-esque creatures in there as Mayte said. 28 Weeks Later scarred me for life.

    Yeah, maybe it's just because I'm naturally tan-ish (Italian), but I don't enjoy "tanning" either. Personally I think pale skin is gorgeous, anyway.

    It's certainly smart to not post everything on the internet. But eeee! :)

  4. Yeah, after playing Resident Evil I stay out of sketchy abandoned buildings too. Too creepy.

    I miss riding my bike. I need to get new tires/tubes.