May 09, 2012

The limit does not exist.

Sometimes my friend Kaitlin does some crazy stuff and I document it.  It's an unspoken agreement we have. I'm gonna miss her when we graduate and attend different colleges, but we've already said we'll plan days to dress up together as something awesomely bizarre, take pictures, and share on Facebook.  We've already covered rainbow barfing pandas and neon trees. The possibilities are endless.

This second to last week of school has already gotten off to a busy start.  Not only did I brave a 3 hour AP Calc exam today, I've been slaving away on a poetry analysis assignment for English since I've been home midday.  I would be tempted to blow it off if it weren't our final exam grade...

On Monday morning I had a AICE General Paper exam.  I think I did really well, and if not well, I definitely passed.  I found two hours go by surprisingly quickly when you're writing 500 word essays.  As always, though, there were the people "done" before the halfway point, and I would just love to read their papers.  What are they thinking?

Unlike AP, you're expected to stay on campus after your Cambridge testing so I spent my remaining  periods of the day revising for the other exams I have this week, namely Calc -- but now that's over with -- HUZZAR! -- and Psychology on Friday.

Monday after during the last two periods was our Cambridge banquet.  It wasn't so much a banquet as an awards ceremony with cupcakes afterward, but you get the gist.  My friends and I sported our super spiffy   Cambridge senior shirts for the occasion.  On the back (which of course you can't see, my b) are a list of ten things that answer the phrase "You know you're a 2012 Cambridge senior when..." which are fairly funny inside jokes.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

I didn't receive any awards while all four my close friends did, which was quite upsetting. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for my friends, and they are completely deserving, I just wish I would be recognized for my talents.  Alas, you have to be either a good test taker or a class clown to get anything and I am not either of those things.

As if my day wasn't already long enough, we had Academic Awards Night that evening.  It was essentially an instant replay of the afternoon's banquet, except with even more long-winded speeches about scholarships and such.  At the end, all 102 honor grads were called up and we lined the circumference of the auditorium.  It felt surreal to be standing there, tassel in hand, with the guidance counselors announcing where everyone is attending come fall.  And yet, it's suddenly all more real and believable that Graduation is already next weekend.

There's a NHS induction ceremony tonight.  Thank goodness it should be short.

Best of luck to everyone else taking exams and such.  Finish out strong!

Days until I graduate: 10
Days until exams are over: 38
Days until I start college: 115


  1. N'aww look at your tee shirts! They're amazing! I'm sure you "You know you're a 2012 student..." were pretty funny!

    Eeep! You're so nearly done! I hope you did do amazing in your exams! I'm sure you did.

    Oh boy, that sounds like one long night! I don't know if I'd have been able to stay awake!

    I completely understand about the medals etc. My three siblings (my ultimate competition) were constantly bringing sport trophies and stuff home but due to being the academic child, I never really did anything that had trophies so I was always feeling bleugh. I'm sure people recognise your efforts too :)

  2. Huzzah AP Calc! So glad to be done with that. Best of luck with the rest of your exams... they sound pretty rough. Nice t-shirts you get out of that though! :) I can't believe your graduation is already next weekend. That's prom for me.

  3. lizzie i miss you.
    thats all.
    keep being perfect and awesome. :)

  4. good luck on exams! they saved me like a semester's worth of credit :)

    have fun at graduation, too!