May 29, 2012

Out to lunch.

After our AICE Lit exam this morning, Patricia and I went out to lunch at a lovely place called Ossorio's.  We wanted the chance to talk as well as a reason to get together and exchange yearbook signings.  She is one of my closest friends and I'm very fortunate to know someone so intelligent and caring.  It will be hard to say goodbye in the fall, but I know she'll have an amazing time at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. studying International Relations.  I wish her the absolute best in the future, but until we part, I hope we can spend more time this summer doing fun things.  We already agreed to eat at the Thai restaurant not far from where we ate today!

On Sunday, Brianna hosted a garage sale in order to raise funds for college in California.  She still has another year before she graduates so I applaud her early strides to make her dream a reality.  As a fellow photographer/artist in the area, I love to support her any chance I can, so I gladly biked ten minutes or so to buy a few items.  I ended up getting the dark brown photo frame and, albeit non-functioning, polaroid camera.  Anything she doesn't sell in the next few weeks she plans to put on etsy or eBay, so I may be promoting her with a link or something.  

A quick to-do list:
  • Write thank you cards to various relatives
  • Send Nicola's incredibly overdue package (you have no idea how bad I feel about this!)
  • Register for classes
  • Study for my last few exams (only five more to go)
  • Watch all three seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix (I finally caved for a month free trial)
  • Seriously clean my room and my closet

Here is a video I made from various footage I or my brother/Puja took during Graduation and Project Graduation.  Had I actually conceptualized this video BEFORE it happened, I think I would've included other awesome aspects of Project Graduation like laser tag, an inflatable obstacle course, a cash machine and the food.  Note: If it's unfocused, it's because I didn't have control over the camera.
music: "Call It What You Want" -- Foster the People

I hope you are well!


  1. Nice video!

    Also, I FINALLY got your graduation letter in the mail and I absolutely love it!!

    I've been saying this for AGES, but no one believes me when I say that Texas has the slowest postal service.

  2. That's a great idea, the garage sale. I should do that to get rid of all of my old junk and make some profits, although the problem is that there is basically no one in my neighborhood...

    The graduation video is awesome! It makes me want to make one... except I don't have a laptop to edit it on just yet, haha.

  3. A garage sale would be an excellent idea if I had anything to sell XD

    Congratulations on graduating! This probably should have been a few posts ago, but, alas, I am so far behind!

    I'm so happy for you and tennis lover! I kissed Zack at the pool c: and China at the mall...getting around a bit, haha XD I would write about this on the blog, but, unfortunately, my mother reads it. Ahh, boys <3

    I agree with you completely! I just hope it's really meant to be :)

    Thanks! You have fun with your POST-HIGH SCHOOL STUFF!

  4. A garage sale would be a bad idea for any of my stuff...all I own are trinkets, various electronics, and so many books. Thing is, I wouldnt be able to part with any of them. Whenever someone would try to buy something I would change my mind and say it's not for sale >.>

    Congrats on graduating! College is scary until you get there and you realize it's a blast. Just remember to sleep!
    Here, I use this:

  5. Congratulations on your grad!! So exciting and scary at the same time. A garage sale is a really good idea; now if only I'd thought of something like that before I finished high school!

    Haha, that clip sums up the plot of Zoolander. It can be a bit much at some points, but that's what makes it hilarious. If you're ever in the mood for a silly movie, I highly recommend it!