June 26, 2012

Be brave.

On Saturday my friends and I went and saw Brave.  Talk about an adorable, heartfelt movie!  I was in love with the setting (IT'S SCOTLAND, GUYS. SCOTLAND.) and the plot (female centric, ftw!) and the soundtrack (I've already downloaded my favorite song from it) and almost every other aspect.  But then again, it's Pixar, so what else should I expect? (I tend to ignore that Cars 2 even exists, personally.)  Even the digital short beforehand was gorgeous and I probably would've paid six dollars just to see that.  Now I'm even more excited for Pixar's 2013 project, Monsters University, whose demographic, as someone astutely noted on a Tumblr post about it, will be primarily 18-23 years olds who grew up with the original.  I fear it cannot top the original, though.  The proof: Toy Story 2 was terrible compared to Toy Story 3 and utter crap compared to Toy Story.  And okay, I'll stop sounding like a total Pixar snob now.

After the movie, we walked to the nearby smoothie shop to redeem a free small smoothie coupon we all received at Project Graduation.  I think I have a serious affinity for mango smoothies so I that's what I got, even though nothing can top the Mango Icy I had a thai restaurant in Princeton, NJ.  That sounds made up, but I promise it's true and I remember it because it was so superb.
I'm donning my movie critic hat (picture not available) for my next post that will attempt to review everything I watched on Netflix during my free month trial.  Am I sad it ended?  Yes, of course. But I am also glad I have the self control to not continue paying for the monthly service.  I think I would've regretted it come October and December when I'd be studying for college mid-terms and finals respectively.  Besides, I could use the other time to be more productive.

And as my first step to becoming more productive this summer, I am determined to empty a particular bin I have filled with incomplete packages to send to various friends.  It's sitting next to my laptop on my desk here taunting me...

I also have to finish various grad gifts. Plus figure out what else I'm doing to prepare for college.  And keep taking the irregular babysitting jobs when I can because I need the money.  Every time I think of all the debt I am about to incur I just want to save everything I earn and not spend a dime.  Who knows what the economy will look like in four years and blah, blah, blah.  This is annoyingly overwhelming.  How do adults do it every day?
The best news of all is my book for the Blogger Family Book Exchange came, and from the marvelous Maggie, no less! She wrote a very witty, very lovely card to accompany the book, Plan B, by Jonathan Tropper. I really liked Tropper's other novel, This Is Where I Leave You, so I'm eager to read this one!  Thanks again, my dear!

I hope your summers are enjoyable.  These past few days have been particularly grim for me with the rain and strong wind.  Gotta love tropical storms.


  1. I loved Brave! It was adorable and once again Pixar proves to be amazing. Apparently Merida's hair alone took three years and its own computer program to create (according to my friend's knowledge). And I'm quite excited for Monsters University.

    You have more self control than I. Which is why I'm trying to watch as much Netflix now that I have time so that hopefully by the fall I'll have everything I want to watch done. That totally makes sense, riiight?

    I love Maggie's handwriting. Gosh. And I always look for that book at the library because she talks about it so much but it's never there.

  2. I probably won't see Brave until one of my friends gets the DVD or something. It does look rather enjoyable, though!

    Was that restaurant actually at Princeton? I might stop by there next time I go, then. Mango is such a great fruit.

    Productivity in summer? Good luck with that, my friend X)

  3. Yay bookswap!

    I can't wait to finally see Brave. It looks great.

    Also, your wallet is adorable!