July 29, 2012

I herd there were sheep.

Brianna and I had a photo adventure the other day.  She had asked me to pose for her final project in her black and white photography class and, well, I wasn't going to say no!  I'm excited to see the results.  She's been taking some really neat photos that are well worth checking out.  This one is probably my favorite thus far (there's more she hasn't been able to upload), but the others are quite superb too.
While traversing the local streets, we discussed her desire to be more of a fine artist.  Her senior schedule isn't lending to that -- apparently they're not even offering drawing and painting 1 anymore -- and so I gladly said I would get together with her and teach her what I could!  I figured I have some tips and tricks to pass on, maybe more than most.  My high school art teacher was very savvy and often had her way of doing things that were often helpful.  What'd she call them?  Old granny tips?  Old lady shortcuts?  Something like that. 

Along the lines of arts and crafts, I worked my bum off to finish making all the summer mix CDs and their album covers these past few days.  Blogger Family members, expect to see packages in your mailboxes sometime next week!  I'm mailing them out Monday because I (stupidly) missed the noon deadline yesterday and, as we all know, no post on Sundays!

I still haven't seen any of the Olympics, including the Opening Ceremony, after constantly getting hyped for "the 27th!"  I feel like a hypocrite.  Seriously. I just know Floridian swimmer Ryan Lochte won some race over Phelps.  I bet the kid I babysit for is happy.  He is a junior Olympic swimmer himself and entirely man crushing on Lochte.  More power to him, I suppose. 

I hate getting irrational when someone doesn't text me back.  Fortunately I know if Stephen doesn't respond he's busy watching Breaking Bad.  Amazingly, he has now seen more of the show than I have.  He's basically almost done with season four.  I'm happy (because now we can talk fangirl about it together) yet also mighty jealous (I really love the show. Like, really, REALLY love the show.)

Last night I watched the first episode of Sherlock.  I finally get it.  I finally understand all the hype surrounding it and adoration for it.  I still don't see the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch, if I'm honest, -- perhaps because I've seen him like this in Starter for 10 -- but I'll admit he does play one hella awesome Sherlock Holmes.  The chemistry between him and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) is undeniably fantastic as well.  I'm eagerly looking forward to watching more!

Film-wise I also saw Hugo recently, which was magical and definitely worth seeing, and The Artist, which wasn't too special.  Yes, it was a silent film and in black-and-white -- big deal.  So were hundreds of other early movies.  Besides, I fell more in love with the sets and costuming than the characters or plot, if that says anything.  If you're ever curious what my succinct thoughts of a movie are, I'm working on making my Goodfllms profile up to date.  It says I can share said thoughts (more like 140 character blurbs) via Twitter and I might start doing that, provided it's not too annoying.  I would probably only do it for things just out on DVD or still playing in the cinema.  Besides, do you really care if I'm re-watching something starring James McAvoy?  Well, you should care.  Ah, you know what mean...

I'm out to Thai Thai with Emilia tonight.  I haven't seen her in FOREVER.

I hope your summer days are going well!

Days until I start college: 33
Days until my birthday: 73


  1. Wooo! I'm excited for the mix cd's!

    -.- Once I went to the post office on a Sunday to mail something... Oops.

    And there's just something about Benedict Cumberbatch that is so.... I don't know. I can't put my finger on it.

  2. So excited for the mix CD! And all the movies sound interesting, love to hear your thoughts. I actually liked The Artist. I loved the elegance and that they were able to convey so much without words. Hugo, I also adored. Both films celebrate old Hollywood film glamour I thought.

  3. A few things:

    I adore your friend's photography!

    I still need to watch Sherlock. Ugh. I don't know why I haven't.

    I haven't seen Hugo yet, but I loved The Artist for its simplicity and cleverness. I'm a sucker for thoughtful feel-good films. And of course, the costumes are brilliant.

  4. When I watched episodes with Moriarty in them for the first time I had trouble not cracking up, since my only experience with Andrew Scott before that was "My Life in Film"...

    If you want an interesting old movie, Fritz Lang's Metropolis is pretty cool. It was basically the first scifi movie, though parts of the original film are still missing.