July 06, 2012

Point me in the right direction.

I've started a new 365 project.
Don't ask me why I get the urge to start these mid-year.
All I know is that I have a passion for photography,
an awesome camera I should use more often,
and moments worth documenting.

I'm only eight days in so far, 
but unlike last year's failed attempt,
I am determined to make each deadline.
I can't guarantee they will all be breathtaking,
or necessarily that interesting for the viewer,
(though that is certainly one of my goals,)
but I can assure you they will all be meaningful.

I also have plans for two other photography projects,
which I will disclose at a later date.

P.S. If you're interested in a copy of my summer playlist, let me know!
I'd be happy to send you one!


  1. Oooh! I am mucho interested in a copy of your summer playlist!

    Also, kudos to you for starting another 365 set! I enjoy looking at your photography :)

    Seeing your awesome bike has convinced me that everyone in the world has an awesome bike but me. :/

  2. That picture of the bike is so cute! Okay, cute's a bad word, but I can't think of an alternative. Forgive me, I just got up. It's also a very cool bike.

    You've reminded me that I have no idea where my camera is. Perhaps I should look for it and snap some pictures of my own? Not that they'd ever be as good as yours C:

  3. Hurrah for 365s! I can never follow through with those types of things but I very much enjoy seeing other peoples. I love that bike. Are you planning on taking it college?

  4. Oh, also:

    Breaking Bad season 4! I just finished the season finale tonight and it was awesome. I recommend clicking the links that lead to the putlocker videos because those are great quality and load very quickly. Just remember to x out of all the annoying pop ups.

  5. That's good advice! Haha, I really always MEAN to blog again like I used to, and then three weeks have passed without a word. And the longer I wait the harder it is. It's like a vicious cycle TT.TT

    Oh nooooo! Gurl, you call that boy up and schedule a date right this minute! ...unless he's on vacation or something, haha. Vacation sucks when your friends are on it and you're not X)

    I'm a little afraid to ask my parents if they know where it is...I've lost it so many times =.= Aw, I'm sure your photography stands on its own! C:


    Love the idea of a 365 photography blog, I'd find it challenging so I wish you the best of luck and am looking forwards to seeing your pictures.

  7. Haha, thanks Lizzie! Yes, we call them postboxes over here. Incidently, Atonement is such a great film! I've been meaning to read the book for a while now.

    I was planning to sort of do a Photo 365 thing too, except probably just for this summer. Have already sort of failed... Oops! Loving all of your photos so far though, especially the sparklers and the bike! I outgrew my bike and really want a new one!

    Hope you're well and enjoying your summer! :-)
    Chloe xxx