August 29, 2012

A summer to 12emember.

By this time tomorrow I will be a thousand miles away from home.  Once in Minnesota, I'll be headed to St. Paul to meet my roommates for the first time, and then to downtown Minneapolis to shop for last minute supplies (in the original Target, no less.)  I cannot contain my excitement, guys!  It's finally time.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn't remark about this past summer.

These past few months have meant a lot of personal growth, most of which I haven't felt the need to discuss on the Internet -- that's growth right there.  While the changes are overall subtle, I can feel I'm not the same person.  So many things that mattered then don't matter now.  Conversely, so many things that didn't matter then matter now.  I've had to fill out a job application, deal with financial aid forms, register for classes, and apply for housing: the woes of an incoming college freshman.

I'm really at a loss for words to describe all I've experienced; I've never been good at summaries.  Essentially, I am ready to take on whatever comes my way this semester.

And -- fingers crossed -- I'll have the time to write about it.

Days until I start college: 2
Days until my birthday: 42

August 28, 2012

Summer 2012 soundtrack.

This summer I made a concerted effort to "document" my experiences with songs.  Each of the thirty below elicit a specific memory from these past few months.  Members of the Blogger Family probably recognize several from their mix CDs.  I'm really glad I got to do that, by the way; I realized one of my favorite things to do is share music!  If you'd like to know the backstory of why I chose a certain song, simply comment the corresponding number below and I'll tell you in a reply.

1. "Bandage for a Bleeding Heart" -- Aidan Hawken
2. "Planet Telex" -- Radiohead
3. "Hurts Like Heaven" -- Coldplay
4. "Take a Walk" -- Passion Pit
5. "Some Nights" -- fun.
6. "DLZ" -- TV on the Radio
7. "Midnight City" -- M83
8. "Lego House" -- Ed Sheeran
9. "Touch the Sky" -- Julie Fowlis (Brave soundtrack)
10. "Two Worlds" -- Christie Dupree
11. "Time" -- Hans Zimmer (Inception soundtrack)
12. "The Harrowing Adventures Of..." -- Tokyo Police Club
13. "On the Road" -- Keane
14. "Girls Like You" -- The Naked and Famous
15.  "Elephant Gun" -- Beirut
16. "One More Night" -- Maroon 5
17. "Anti-D" -- The Wombats
18. "Cassette Tape" -- Katie Costello
19. "The Recluse" -- Cursive
20. "Simple Math" -- Manchester Orchestra
21. "Lazy Eye" -- Silversun Pickups
22. "Fell in Love With a Girl" -- The White Stripes
23. "Blister in the Sun" -- Violet Femmes
24. "Folding Chair" -- Regina Spektor
25. "Carried Away" -- Passion Pit
26. "It's Time" -- Imagine Dragons
27. "Comes and Goes (In Waves)" -- Greg Laswell
28. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" -- Taylor Swift
29. "Motion Picture Soundtrack" -- Radiohead
30. "The Golden Age" -- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Days until I start college: 3
Days until my birthday: 43

August 24, 2012

So I got an iPhone.

Most of today I was bored.   I realize this is largely because the majority of my friends are off to college already.  Lucky bums.  In the same vein, someone recently shared the same sentiment on my college's Facebook page, to which I commented: "In a way, I don't mind.  I can go to grocery stores and just out in general without having to make awkward conversation/avoid eye contact with the acquaintances ringing up my stuff.  Just my experience, though."  So there's that.

Yesterday I went and got an iPhone 4 to replace Motorola Droid that was dying.  I had to charge it nearly everyday (even if I barely used it) and it was just a pain.  I was also due for my contact renewal/two-year upgrade so it made since.  While there are some features I'll miss about it -- mostly the blinking light when I had a message -- I'm glad to have an iPhone.  It just makes more sense if I have a MacBook.  I can sync things more easily, have a back up cord, and finally see firsthand what's so great about Instagram*.  I've already started following quite a few of the Blogger Family, if not all, on there.  My username is pandasinfedoras if you want to follow me.

I have things to be packing/cleaning still.  I guess I'll go do that...

*I know Android finally had it, but my old phone doesn't like to cooperate.  For instance, every time I tried to open Facebook it would spaz out and force close.

Days until I start college: 7
Days until my birthday: 47

August 22, 2012

I finished The Ghost Map.

As you probably know, The Ghost Map is a book I had to read this summer for college.  In a nutshell, it's about the cholera outbreak in London.  Beyond that, however, it discusses other ideas that came out of this horrific incident.  The subtitle sums up these ideas nicely: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic -- and How It Changed Science, Cities and the Modern World.

Instead of blathering on about it (I'll have to discuss it anyway in my Orientation group), I thought I'd share some good quotes and facts with you, as well as what I found to be the main idea, or holy grail, of the entire book.  Enjoy!

Favorite quotes:
"The literature -- both public and private -- of the nineteenth century is filled with many dark emotions: misery, humiliation, drudgery, rage.  But terror does not quite play the role that one might expect, given the body count."
"...constipation is a reliable side effect of opiate abuse."
"...eating other humans' waste is as close to a universal taboo as any in the book."
"But the finest minds of the era were also devoted to an equally pressing question: What are we going to do with all of this shit?"

Fun facts I learned:
The world "malaria" itself derives from the Italian mal aria, or "bad air."
In 2015, the five largest cities on the planet will be Tokyo, Mumbai, Dhaka, Sào Paulo, and Delhi -- all of them with populations about 20 million.

The holy grail:
"This is how great intellectual breakthroughs usually happen in practice.  It is rarely the isolated genius having a eureka moment in the lab.  Nor is it merely a question of building on precedent, of standing on the shoulders of giants, in Newton's famous phrase.  Great breakthroughs are closer to what happens in a flood plain: a dozen separate tributaries converge, and the rising waters lift the genius high enough that he or she can see around the conceptual obstructions of the age."

While I only know one or two friends that would pick up this kind of book (historical, biographical) for leisure, if you ever felt so inclined to delve into more, I recommend this one.  It's oddly compelling, albeit slightly repetitive in parts, and only textbook-y occasionally.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few moments of summer!  I'm personally ready for fall, and, you know, COLLEGE.  Regina and Puja are setting up their dorm rooms and settling in today.  I'm quite envious.

Days until I start college: 9
Days until my birthday: 49

August 21, 2012

And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders.

"Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water's warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin

I don't recall a single care
Just greenery and humid air
Then Labor day came and went
And we shed what was left of our summer skin

On the night you left I came over
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I coulnd't win
Cause the season's change was a conduit
And we'd left our love in our summer skin"

"Summer Skin" by Death Cab for Cutie

Days until I start college: 10
Days until my birthday: 50

August 20, 2012

Lollipop moments.

This video was recently posted by a staff member at my college.  I am a sucker for Ted Talks so I watched it...and I was moved to tears.  To tears.  Why exactly?  I'm not entirely sure.  I figured it's because, in a way, connected to what I'll be experiencing soon in terms of saying goodbye to people who have made an impact in my life, unconscious or conscious, and moving forward.  I urge you to watch the video, but my feelings won't be hurt if you aren't inspired by it.

After an early appointment this morning, I went to the dollar store to buy flip flops.  That's right, folks.  I live in Florida and don't own a pair of flip flops. Thus, I invested in two  cheap pairs so I can be in the dorm bathroom/showers without having to touch the nasty floors with bare feet.  I think it was a wise purchase. 

I am continuing the pack and make an inventory of everything I'm taking.  It's bound to be headache figuring out what I can ship, what I should take on my person, and what I should buy there.  I have created sub-lists and dozens of mental notes.  I've tried to write down what I can.  I hope I remember it all!  Also, I will film a dorm items video since you guys requested it.  That should be up in the next couple of days!

As much as I wish I were reading more this summer, at this point I can't be bothered.  I plan to finish The Ghost Map (only 60 more pages) and then call it quits.  It's a shame I probably won't have much time to do pleasure reading this fall.  Fortunately, there are 16 books I'm supposed to read for class; that should help keep me on track to read 50 for the year.

Alright, I'm off to do even more organizing and packing.

Days until I start college: 11
Days until my birthday: 51

August 19, 2012

A Back-to-School Haul: Office Supplies.

Without further ado, the back-to-school office supplies video I promised!  
Should I do another video with specifically dorm items?
What have you been packing?  
What's your favorite kind of pen?
Am I asking too many questions?

Days until I start college: 12
Days until my birthday: 52

August 18, 2012

Fortunately, unfortunately.

These past few days have been great.  Thank you to everyone who wished me more eventful summer days.  Your words were prophetic!

Yesterday I got coffee with Emilia.  She filled me in on her senior year thus far, and I updated her about what I've learned about college (dorm assignment, job placement, etc.).  It was nice to chat like we used to in AICE Chemistry.  I'm going to miss her when I'm away, but she and I will definitely reunite whenever I'm home.

I am becoming more used to waking up at nine (as opposed to you know, noon) and I find I am much more productive.  Go figure.  Seriously, though, I've knocked off several items on my to-do list before I've gone out with a friend in the afternoon and it feels empowering.  I am slowly organizing more things to pack or ship to college.  The key will be to stay calm and not leave it all to the last minute, which I've done a pretty job with already.  My biggest fear is over-packing so I try to be very thoughtful of everything I get, including office supplies.  I heard that most classes will require traditional paper and pen note-taking -- a relief since I bought a few to use. 

Speaking of school supplies, my back-to-school haul video will probably be uploaded tomorrow!

Today I went to Brianna's house for a fairly impromptu art lesson.  She had expressed interest in learning more about drawing (and painting) and I offered to help!  The biggest thing is just practicing the techniques, however, and most of the time was spent explaining past projects I've done.  She said she didn't mind but I felt like a bad teacher!  Hopefully she enjoys her 3D class in the spring and when I'm home for winter break we can continue.  Hanging out with her is always a lot of fun and I plan to write her while I'm away.

The band Freelance Whales posted a Facebook saying that had tour dates planned. Of course they'll be playing a concert in Minneapolis at an 18+ venue a mere FIVE DAYS before my 18th birthday.  That's just my luck. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this same problem.  I don't even know if they will ID me.  I really, really, want to go!  Basically of any band I'd love to see live, it's them!  (The one exception being Coldplay.)

Days until I start college: 13
Days until my birthday: 53

August 17, 2012

The beach, dinner, and a movie.

Yesterday my friends Aniesa, Puja, Regina, Andrea, and I hung out nearly the entire day.  It was a lot of fun and by the end of it I was thoroughly exhausted, full, and happy.

We met at Aniesa's house around 11 after initially running late.  To kill time as Aniesa and Andrea continued getting ready, we sufficiently littered Andrea's school planner with notes and crazy drawings.  She's still a junior so she was technically skipping school.  What a rebel.  When the towels, watermelon and sunscreen were packed we hit the road for the beach.

Theoretically we stayed at the Ron Jon's resort (thank you Aniesa's parents!), but since half of our time was spent at the beach itself, it didn't quite feel like it.  Besides, we're not the tourists in need of a luxury room.  It's always strange to see so many little bedraggled kids with parents who are trying to have a good time yet probably actually aren't, the haughty vacationing newlyweds, and older snowbirds all invade what I call home.  Ironically, they were all more tan than I was.

We also indulged in the resort's "lazy river", standard pool, water slide, and lounge chairs.  The water slide was pretty awesome the first time but probably nothing compared to Wet 'N Wild, which I've never actually been to, if you can believe it, but have seen TV ads.  For lunch, we shared cool watermelon and chips poolside.  It was very enjoyable.

The movie we saw, Total Recall, was terrible.  We even knew this going in.  Sadly, there was almost nothing else to watch.  Movie lulls are the worst!

As the credits started rolling my stomach grumbled and when we were offered unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden afterwards, we took full advantage.  Then there was salad.  And my actual pasta entreé.  It was all delicious and our conversations about fedoras and mis-hearing what others were saying was entertaining to nobody but us.

Andrea and I pushed to get frozen yogurt nearby in spite of our full appetites.  Our plan was foiled, however, when the place we wanted to go to (plus Aniesa and I had coupons for from Project Graduation) was completely out of business.  What a gip!  (When I finally did get home, I busted our Strawberry Shortcake froyo so it all worked out in the end. )

Yesterday was also the last time I'd see Puja and Regina before they leave for college next week. Talk about bittersweet.  We hugged and said our final goodbyes.  Oh gosh, now I'm tearing up.  We scolded each other about using Skype and answering text messages.  We're gonna keep in touch, I know, it will just feel very odd to otherwise be living different lives.  As Puja pointed out, she and I are only together in increments of four years.  We were friends K-4th, she left for India 5th-8th, returned for 9-12th, and now we'll be gone for college.

In other news, I have ideas for other posts this month.  This means despite all the stress of packing and moving away to college I'll be experiencing, I can finish out BEDA strong!  My only issue will be figuring out how to post the 30th...I hope the hotel has Wi-Fi!

Days until I start college: 14
Days until my birthday: 54

August 15, 2012

Visual journaling.

For my first semester of advanced art junior year, we had an intern help teach the class.  Most notably, she called my art "kitschy" and I was justifiably upset.  Considering the projects she made us do were typically very boring, I don't remember if it was her or my actual teacher who proposed the idea, to keep a visual journal.  While we were supposed to make entries daily, I'm pretty sure no one actually did.  There were a couple of us that used it a fair amount, myself included, yet there were others that completely ignored the assignment.  I found, however, that I was coming up with fairly creative ideas to fill the pages and it allowed me to express myself.  

One of the best parts was the cover I made:
As you can tell from the tattered edges and paint chipped away, this has seen better days.  The keyhole border was made with crayon shavings (glued down much like you'd do with glitter) and the key in the right hand corner is real (I know it's hard to tell with the scan.)  I don't remember the inspiration for this design, but if I had to guess it was a combination of the contents being "secrets" and my infatuation with Alice in Wonderland at the time.  Either way, I still think it looks cool.

Second semester, when things were crazier, my interest in keeping up with something like this dwindled.  One of my last few entires was my SAT admission ticket.  I assume from then on I was too overwhelmed with school work to carry on.

In a recent urge to make more art, I decided to start over.  Right now I don't have a cover, yet here's the first page!  Please tell me what you think.

I'm about to get ready to film a back-to-school office supply haul type video which you shall see in a couple of days.  Ta-ta!

Days until I start college: 16
Days until my birthday: 56

August 14, 2012


I feel a day doesn't go by without me joining a new social media site.  Seriously.  I may have a problem.  The other day I started a Day Zero account to better keep track my short and long term goals.  Seems somewhat useful, no?

Most of my day has been spent filling out college forms.  I also talked to my college's tennis coach, which was slightly nerve-wracking.  I need to practice a lot more.  The last time I picked up a racquet was April.  I also need to start working out and building my stamina back up.  It's days like these I wish I lived next door to a gym.  I'd go run on a treadmill if it was that convenient, sure.  I wish my bike's tires weren't messed up or I'd ride that around more too.

If I do everything I intend to do in college (join a leadership program, play Varsity tennis, work, and study hard) I don't think I'll be having much time to blog.  I think I would like to stay active, though, as opposed to doing what I've done somedays this summer.  Being stuck in webloops can't be healthy.

I've read quite a bit more of The Ghost Map.  I should probably finish that this week.

My friends went to Universal and Islands of Adventure today without me.  I can't afford it.  They have annual passes.  Sigh.  I'd be more upset if they hadn't done the exact same thing before.

I got my Blogger T-shirts in the mail!  Thanks for sending both a medium and large; the large is too big.  It'll have to be a shirt I wear to sleep or something.

In other news, my future co-worker e-mailed me to say hello!  He seems really nice and I can't wait meet him in person.

I hope you're having a good...uh, what day is it?  Tuesday?  Yeah, Tuesday.

Days until I start college: 17
Days until my birthday: 57

August 13, 2012

The results are in.

I'll lead with the awesome news:  This morning I woke up to an e-mail from my Physics teacher saying I passed AICE Physics!  Guys, I PASSED AICE PHYSICS, which is easily ten times more difficult than IB or AP.  It's hard to describe why, perhaps because it expects you to know the book inside and out, and be able to apply the concepts,  amounting to a lot to remember.  I was only one of four people to pass so I feel even more validated in my efforts.  I mean, of all the tests I took, Physics was the one I expected to fail.  I am so incredibly happy busting my bum studying for it paid off in the end.  It definitely makes up for getting a 1 on my AP Calc exam which I didn't even talk about on here because I was so ashamed.  Rest assured I can still take a derivative, but clearly I didn't prove that to the graders at College Board.  So be it.  And to be honest, I think I took AICE more seriously, anyway.  It's cooler to be able to say, "yeah, I earned my AICE diploma with merit" than brag about the single AP exam I sat through.

As for my other exams, I am fairly pleased!  To quickly explain, the scoring is based off international thresholds.  For instance, an A*, the highest you can achieve, means you were in the top 3% in the world to get that mark.  An A is roughly 5% and then down through E, the percentages get larger.  I hope that makes sense.  II know it's kind of strange if you're not used to it and haven't thought in these terms the past four years.  I think I explained it better last year.

(More for my personal reflection, I figured I would link to entries I wrote about my past scores: 9th grade10th grade11th grade.)

My exam results:
AICE English Literature* -- C
AICE General Paper -- A
AICE Psychology  -- C
AICE Thinking Skills* -- D
AICE Physics -- E

*A-level, meaning I got two credits for passing.

Puja, Regina, Aniesa and I went and talked to our Psychology teacher after we initially got our results.  There were quite a few people who didn't pass Psych and she was disappointed none of us got A's.  Well, she says that but I think she's still proud.  We also stopped by to visit our former Physics and Chemistry teachers.  It hit me how much I am going to miss them, but it's time I move on.

I am now completely and utterly done with high school.

Onto the next adventure.

Days until I start college: 18
Days until my birthday: 58

August 12, 2012

Family dinner.

Last night my family I went out to dinner at a local place called Café Unique.  I drive by it whenever I go to the library, but had never stepped inside.  After several failed attempts earlier this summer -- either they were closed or our plans suddenly changed -- we finally found time.  I ordered a MGM sandwich and strawberry shortcake ice cream.  Both were delicious and I savored every bite.  The rest of my family got a mix of appetizers and shared that.

Towards the end of our meal, a local band started setting up to play.  The drummer came and introduced himself to us.  They played a variety of Motown and soul songs and even though we left only a few songs into their set, it was pretty cool.  The bassist wasn't half bad looking either.

Today I got quite a bit accomplished.  I took another trip to Kohl's with my mom.  We had mega coupons to use and this time I was able to save even more by sticking to the misses' clearance section.  I swear, sometimes what I find there blows my mind.  I got a very good quality maxi skirt for merely $4. Now that's a deal.  This time I found a few tops that will match things already in my wardrobe, including a hi-low striped dress that looks very flattering on me! I'm sure I will take a picture at some point.  I can't wait to wear it this fall in Minnesota. Speaking of wearing things in Minnesota, I walked past some ultra cute infinity scarves and couldn't resist.

My mom needed a new purse so I seized the opportunity to look for a smaller cross body bag.  I figured I might not want to carry my bigger cross body bag into the city, but this new one can perfectly fit the essentials.
We also stopped at Target and I was determined not too get too much.  The wallet I currently have and love is falling apart so I found a fairly decent replacement.  I may keep using the former for a few more weeks then switch.  I've actually had this porcupine mini-wallet for a while and plan to take it to college.  I'll take pictures of the new purchases when I get around to it.  Probably tomorrow.

Okay, it's nearly midnight and my mom wants me.

Talk to you tomorrow!

P.S. Happy Birthday shout out to my friend Zack.  He's responsible for the title of this blog.  He's 19 today.  Crazy.

Days until I start college: 19
Days until my birthday: 59

August 11, 2012

Developing you, camera.

Here's a selection of the photos I got developed the other day.
These are fine, but I can still see room for improvement.
The colors look off because my scanner is sub-par.
Any feedback is welcome.

Days until I start college: 20
Days until my birthday: 60

August 10, 2012

Babysitting perks.

Today has started off very well.  My dad let me drive to my babysitting client's condo as a detour on his own way to work.  Driving before 6 am is blissful because nearly no one is on the road.  The lights are consistently green allowing me to make a b-line for the ocean.  Ooh, guess what?  I'm technically eligible for my license any day now so I should be going to take the test soon! My goal is to get it before I leave for college.  I'll keep you posted.

And the best part of this babysitting gig?  Getting to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic.  If I'd have thought to bring my DSLR this morning, I think I would've captured one of the prettiest I've seen this summer.

I felt like a proper nanny as I told the older kid to get ready for school.  A family friend came and picked him up and I was left with the younger kid, a five-year-old with a faux mustache. (His brother had stuck it on him moments before leaving.  It was so cute and with his slight Russian accent it was hard to take him seriously!)

We spent the day doing what you are forced to do with an energetic five-year-old:  Board games and made-up games only they know the rules to but are supposedly "funner."  Not to mention watching "movies" (this time it was a documentary about the Miami Heat's road to the 2012 NBA finals...exhilarating), coaxing them to eat, scolding them for being out of line, and chasing them on their scooter.  Like I said, the usual.

I don't mind it, though.  I am getting paid after all.  Besides, I have the aforementioned awesome view to enjoy.

I am suddenly very frazzled.  Friends are asking me to hang out and I still have other things to take care of for college.  I just got back from picking up my developed film from my disposable camera which cost $15.  That's gone up to a ridiculous price.

*I've grown to dislike using my Droid camera or else I would use my phone.  Plus it sucks the battery and I don't have battery life to spare.

Days until I start college: 21
Days until my birthday: 61

August 09, 2012

I get carried away.

I'm already forgetting that K-12 schools have started where I live.  Lucky them.  Of course that means all my class of 2013 friends are posting sentimental Facebook statuses like "this is my last first day of school" and it shocks me: this was me a mere year ago.  A lot of things can change in a year, though.  And I feel they really have for me.

I've now gone back-to-school shopping for some dorm room essentials, clothing, and your basic supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.)!  Making me leave Target or Office Depot is a real challenge.  Speaking of Target, I'm planning on buying anything I don't otherwise want to pack or ship separately at the original Target in Minneapolis.  It's right next to Target Headquarters!

I'll probably be filming multiple back-to-school videos like I did last year.  I'm so excited to continue organizing every thing and then when I get there, actually set up my room.  It'll be so nice to have a fresh slate decor-wise.

This is sort of whiny, but I wish I had a phone whose battery didn't die every five minutes.  I feel this needs to change before I go to college or else I won't be calling home very often.

This performance to Passion Pit's "Moth Wings" from last season's So You Think You Can Dance was, and still is, beautiful.  Maybe I've shared it before but it's worth linking to again.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Days until I start college: 22
Days until my birthday: 62

August 08, 2012

Never enough hours in the day.

You see, I wanted to write something funny about Craft Wars.  Instead I'm e-mailing my roommates and daydreaming about college.  Whoops.

A super duper quick update: Fortunately the problem I mentioned yesterday is not as serious as I thought it would be.  Further, I'm already following procedures to make it better!  Thanks for all your kinds words of support!  Those meant a lot.

Tomorrow there will be a better post.  I promise.  No, pinky promise.

Days until I start college: 23
Days until my birthday: 63

August 07, 2012

Let's try this again.

Yesterday I received some very bad news.  I'm learning more and more, though, that it's how I react to these situations that ultimately determines their connotation.  Honestly speaking, most things are not so concretely defined "good" or "bad" and by trying to classify them into these two categories I'm trying to do the impossible.

So I've decided to take what I learned, what I experienced yesterday, and let it be a wake up call.  Let it teach me I have to take action NOW and that I need to take better care of myself. PERIOD.

Sorry to be so vague, but it's hopefully nothing too, too serious.  And although it will be time consuming and more than likely painful, there's no way around it.  I'm doing what I have to at this point.

That's my biggest problem: talking in modal verbs and somehow escaping from obligations.  I ought to do this, I should do that.  Yet, shamefully, even when I say I need to do something, I'm not very proactive in getting it accomplished.  That's why even when I've stated I need to take better care of myself, merely two paragraphs above, I'm worried I won't follow through.  Thus, it's about time I accept more responsibility and in the same vein, hold myself accountable.  I think I'm ready to make this step.

Fortunately, I finally learned my on-campus job assignment!  I'll be an Office Assistant at the college's Career Development Center!  I'm very content with this placement and I hope I can learn a lot of things from working there. 

Furthermore, I've read quite a bit of The Ghost Map and either it's picking up or I'm getting more used to his writing style.  

I hope you're having a lovely day.

P.S. I've started replying to comments on here, yesterday's especially.

Days until I start college: 24
Days until my birthday: 64

August 05, 2012

Better things are coming.

I'm feeling much better today.  Watching/helping my brother play Legend of Zelda is oddly therapeutic.  

I might have to make a more concerted effort to post earlier.  The delay thus far is a direct result of my body refusing to arise form bed until at least noon.  I get up at 10 to no alarm and almost immediately fall back asleep.  This is a habit I'll need to break before college.  On Mondays at 10 I'd already be midway through my second class of the day.  Mhm, yeah.  Like I said, the habit must be broken.

It fills me with utmost delight to learn my letters and summer mixes to the Blogger Family are well received!  It also felt good to get crafty with the album covers -- seriously, that was a blast.  (If you're wondering, most were photos from the Urban Outfitters catalogue because they were gorgeous and epitomized summer.)

I'm hoping to become a better photographer and develop my personal style.  I'm realizing more and more that if I look up to Annie Lebowitz (okay, I don't, but if I did) that doesn't have to dictate what I take pictures of, like, at all.  I can do what I want.  How liberating.

When I keep talking about my future to friends, family, relative strangers, I always preface it with "If I'm serious," which is odd.  How come I'm not serious already?  How do I get serious?  It begs all these questions that I cannot answer.  Yet.

This project was brought to my attention by a Tumblr post made by Kayley Hyde (owlssayhooot on YouTube).  I watched it and immediately wanted to support the cause.  Further, if I'm ever in the same boat whilst making an independent film perhaps sometime down the road, I would hope I could count on you guys to help in some way.  If you're interested, you can make a donation on her Indiegogo.  If not, that's fine.  She encourages just helping spread the word!

Topping my to-do list for tomorrow is making a considerable dent in The Ghost Map.  Wish me luck!  What have you been reading lately?

Days until I start college: 26
Days until my birthday: 66

August 03, 2012

Back-to-School Yard Sale

Today I was busy selling clothes at Brianna's back-to-school yard sale.  We had quite a good turnout considering it was also the day for seniors to register for school.  We figured we'd only be attracting older teens, but we did have one guy randomly come up and ask if we were selling power tools, to which I replied: "we're not that kind of yard sale."  Then he went up to the hanging clothes and asked how much they were.  I think by saying they were individually priced we managed to scare him off.  I'm not entirely sure what I would've done if he tried to actual buy something, though.  So I'm just grateful he didn't.

My good friend Kai (who I never get to see because we attended different high schools and we live nearly 30 minutes apart) came and bought a few items!  Before she leaves for college in the next week or so, we agreed to meet for smoothies and properly catch-up.  She's one of my oldest friends.  I mean, she stuck with me through the most awkward years of middle school.  It may have helped that our correspondence was limited to snail mail and Facebook, and maybe the occasionally phone call, thereafter and thus we've grown separately but not apart.  If that makes any sense.

Although we did our best to set up quickly, people were already arriving fairly early.  As they waited for all the inventory to be displayed we treated them to popsicles and I snapped this picture.  Emilia bought a really cute lacy top of mine that I couldn't wear and my tree necklace.  She also graciously helped set up; if you're reading this, thank you again, dear!
Simaya was also selling a few items.  She was selling The Breakfast Club on DVD and I considered buying it myself until someone else snapped it up.  I'm not that broken up about it.  I am, in fact, incredibly happy because I was able to buy a copy of Naked Lunch (which I'll need to read for my first-year course) from her. 

When business was slow, Simaya, Brianna, and another mutual friend, Stephanie, and I sat around talking about various things inside, seeking refuge from the blazing heat.

All in all it was a very good day.  Somewhat astonishingly, I made $90 and I still have some stock left!  I'm considering keeping the pictures of what I didn't sell available to see in my flickr set, making a temporary Facebook album with the same photos, and perhaps having another yard sale before I actually leave.  Hmm, we'll see.

I still haven't learned my on-campus job.  It better come tomorrow.  This is driving me crazy.

Stay awesome, friends.


Days until I start college: 28
Days until my birthday: 68

August 01, 2012

It's time.

Hi, everyone. I'm doing BEDA again this month because OH MY GOD IT IS ALREADY AUGUST WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO!?  And other reasons.  But mainly that one.

Today started off slow, but has gotten progressively busier.  Usually this is a good thing, unless it's added stress which has sort of evolved into now.  It's hard to channel enough focus into writing this.  I have way too many other tabs open and thoughts randomly popping up in my head.  Like, "ooh, eat another rolo, Lizzie!" "Ooh, see if someone answered that question!" "Ooh, who uploaded a video on YouTube!" Clearly my conscience/voice inside my head exclaims "ooh" every time I have a thought...

Right, so, focused.

This afternoon I went to an optometrist appointment and learned my eyes haven't gotten any worse.  So that's good news!  And a relief!  I won't need to be changing prescriptions, at least conceivably for another year.  Plus this means my glasses don't need new lenses and I can just order more contacts.  Saving money.  Further -- and I think this is sort of rare -- both my eyes are equally sucky and thus if I put my "left" one in my right eye it won't even matter.  This helps especially when I've broken or lost one of the pair and am half blind trying to retrieve another from the annoying packaging.  Sometimes I feel I am literally trying to undo superglue with the package's seal and more often than not spill the contact solution inside all over my hand.  It's just an outright ordeal that would only be worse if I were forced to read the microscopic print and make sure I have the right one.  I don't know how other people do it.  (Okay, I do know how: they keep them in separate places to begin with and actually heed the L and R markings on the cases.  But yeah.  I think I made my point.)

We drove to the post office afterward so I could send off the remaining packages.  I think those should arrive Saturday, maybe Monday at the latest.  Please let me know when you get them!

Then I watched my brother venture in Zelda: Skyward Sword for a solid two hours.  Time well spent, I assure you.

Right before dinner I made the mistake of logging onto Facebook.  Incidentally (even though I took off notifications for my college's group) I checked it to find out people were learning their room assignments!  I quickly checked My Housing portal on my college to see mine.  Drum roll, please.

*drum roll*

...I'm living in a quad!  On a coed floor!  In the largest dorm!

The only potential issue is that it's technically an overflow quad, apparently meaning the room could be used as a triple.  So I guess this means four people will be crammed in a space meant for three?  Swell.

Wow, my heart is racing and my brain is nearly fried with this onslaught of new information.  I'm not entirely sure I've processed it all.  Maybe if I start getting ready for bed I can sort this all out in my mind and write about it tomorrow.  Deal?

Another albeit unrelated source of anxiety is my camera.  It keeps showing an error that the external flash refuses to pop up and to "fix it" I'm told to turn it off and on again, but to no avail.  I suppose I should just give it time to figure itself out and hope it works.

Talk to everyone soon.


Days until I start college: 30
Days until my birthday: 70