August 02, 2012

All this preparation.

Today has been dedicated to photographing and pricing used clothes, jewelry, and shoes I intend to sell at Brianna's back-to-school yard sale tomorrow.  If you're curious, you can check out the selection here. I can't believe high schoolers will have their first day back in exactly a week.  That's just bizarre.

An update on my room assignment: I will in fact have the biggest room on the floor!  I managed to find a better floor plan.  Though I'm still sharing it with three people, I doubt we'll be cramped.  We even have a window alcove!  I'm excited to see this in person now.  The pictures they have on the website aren't very good.

An update on my camera:  IT WORKS!  Somehow by turning it upside and letting gravity do its thing, the external flash popped up and it is fully usable again.  Thanks for giving me a scare, Cammy!  (I had forgotten I'd named my camera.)

To give you a glimpse into my assigned summer reading for college, The Ghost Map, here's a TED talk the author conducted on it.  I found this extraordinarily helpful in introducing the material.  I better get a move on with actually reading the book, however!  We'll have to discuss it during Orientation week coming up at the end of the month and I've barely passed 10 pages...shh...

I'm still awaiting my on-campus job assignment in the mail.  I'll let ya'll know, of course.

Hope you're having an awesome Wednesday.


Days until I start college: 29
Days until my birthday: 69


  1. That's definitely good news that your room is nice and spacious! I mean, at least for a dorm, haha. And that your camera is cooperating. Oh and I had to read a book about fish for my summer assignment, but I'm pretty certain 90% of people didn't...

  2. I'll be reading all of your posts too! I always still read everyone, even when I'd dropped off the face of the Internet, though I was being too lumpy to comment. Hurray for BEDA! Does this make us BEDA Buddies? :D

    I must cut this short, but I'll comment properly on your post tomorrow X)

  3. Man, Florida starts school early. We have at least a month before we have to trudge back--it's never long enough, though. The only good thing about it is back to school shopping. So delightful!

    I found out that my future English teacher actually checks the summer reading work, which infuriates me, because for the last two years I've done it and they haven't gone over it. Well, The Grapes of Wrath and The Tipping Point don't look anywhere near as interesting as your summer reading!

  4. Your campus assigns you a job? I'm jealous.

    The ghost map is awesome.