August 21, 2012

And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders.

"Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water's warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin

I don't recall a single care
Just greenery and humid air
Then Labor day came and went
And we shed what was left of our summer skin

On the night you left I came over
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I coulnd't win
Cause the season's change was a conduit
And we'd left our love in our summer skin"

"Summer Skin" by Death Cab for Cutie

Days until I start college: 10
Days until my birthday: 50


  1. Lovely song!

    Thank you! That's a great date for a birthday, haha. Or anything. I actually like both makeup AND my boyfriend, though I suppose dealing with makeup every day might get bothersome :P