August 10, 2012

Babysitting perks.

Today has started off very well.  My dad let me drive to my babysitting client's condo as a detour on his own way to work.  Driving before 6 am is blissful because nearly no one is on the road.  The lights are consistently green allowing me to make a b-line for the ocean.  Ooh, guess what?  I'm technically eligible for my license any day now so I should be going to take the test soon! My goal is to get it before I leave for college.  I'll keep you posted.

And the best part of this babysitting gig?  Getting to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic.  If I'd have thought to bring my DSLR this morning, I think I would've captured one of the prettiest I've seen this summer.

I felt like a proper nanny as I told the older kid to get ready for school.  A family friend came and picked him up and I was left with the younger kid, a five-year-old with a faux mustache. (His brother had stuck it on him moments before leaving.  It was so cute and with his slight Russian accent it was hard to take him seriously!)

We spent the day doing what you are forced to do with an energetic five-year-old:  Board games and made-up games only they know the rules to but are supposedly "funner."  Not to mention watching "movies" (this time it was a documentary about the Miami Heat's road to the 2012 NBA finals...exhilarating), coaxing them to eat, scolding them for being out of line, and chasing them on their scooter.  Like I said, the usual.

I don't mind it, though.  I am getting paid after all.  Besides, I have the aforementioned awesome view to enjoy.

I am suddenly very frazzled.  Friends are asking me to hang out and I still have other things to take care of for college.  I just got back from picking up my developed film from my disposable camera which cost $15.  That's gone up to a ridiculous price.

*I've grown to dislike using my Droid camera or else I would use my phone.  Plus it sucks the battery and I don't have battery life to spare.

Days until I start college: 21
Days until my birthday: 61


  1. Seriously, I need to get in touch with people with kids that need babysitting. Because people around here have been known to pay a lot. Although I might be afraid of accidentally losing the kid. Just don't tell the prospective clients... Driving without a bunch of other people around is always so nice though. And I hope you get to capture one of those sunsets eventually!

  2. I wish I knew someone who needed a babysitter! I love little kids :( It sounds like you had a good time; at least they weren't terrors or anything like that.

    I'm not even sixteen yet. No driving for me :C

  3. Man. I wish I had a babysitting gig, but my parents don't know anyone with kids :/

    Oh well.

    $15 to get the film processed? Wow. Times are changing I guess?

  4. Ugh, film developing is highway robbery nowadays. With a kitchen scale and a few semi-common ingredients you can make your own developer. You'll want to run a few test developments to get a feel for it, but it's pretty cool.

    Oh, and watch out for bubbles in the developer.