August 03, 2012

Back-to-School Yard Sale

Today I was busy selling clothes at Brianna's back-to-school yard sale.  We had quite a good turnout considering it was also the day for seniors to register for school.  We figured we'd only be attracting older teens, but we did have one guy randomly come up and ask if we were selling power tools, to which I replied: "we're not that kind of yard sale."  Then he went up to the hanging clothes and asked how much they were.  I think by saying they were individually priced we managed to scare him off.  I'm not entirely sure what I would've done if he tried to actual buy something, though.  So I'm just grateful he didn't.

My good friend Kai (who I never get to see because we attended different high schools and we live nearly 30 minutes apart) came and bought a few items!  Before she leaves for college in the next week or so, we agreed to meet for smoothies and properly catch-up.  She's one of my oldest friends.  I mean, she stuck with me through the most awkward years of middle school.  It may have helped that our correspondence was limited to snail mail and Facebook, and maybe the occasionally phone call, thereafter and thus we've grown separately but not apart.  If that makes any sense.

Although we did our best to set up quickly, people were already arriving fairly early.  As they waited for all the inventory to be displayed we treated them to popsicles and I snapped this picture.  Emilia bought a really cute lacy top of mine that I couldn't wear and my tree necklace.  She also graciously helped set up; if you're reading this, thank you again, dear!
Simaya was also selling a few items.  She was selling The Breakfast Club on DVD and I considered buying it myself until someone else snapped it up.  I'm not that broken up about it.  I am, in fact, incredibly happy because I was able to buy a copy of Naked Lunch (which I'll need to read for my first-year course) from her. 

When business was slow, Simaya, Brianna, and another mutual friend, Stephanie, and I sat around talking about various things inside, seeking refuge from the blazing heat.

All in all it was a very good day.  Somewhat astonishingly, I made $90 and I still have some stock left!  I'm considering keeping the pictures of what I didn't sell available to see in my flickr set, making a temporary Facebook album with the same photos, and perhaps having another yard sale before I actually leave.  Hmm, we'll see.

I still haven't learned my on-campus job.  It better come tomorrow.  This is driving me crazy.

Stay awesome, friends.


Days until I start college: 28
Days until my birthday: 68


  1. I just noticed that all of your fonts are really lovely, especially the one for post title and comment stuff.

    Ooh, good income! Yard sales scare me a bit. Mostly because people scare me. But it sounds like you had a fun day, which is always good!

  2. Woo hoo! Yard sales!

    I need to have one to get rid of some of my junk. It's crazy how much stuff I have that I'm not even going to need once I go into the Air Force.