August 05, 2012

Better things are coming.

I'm feeling much better today.  Watching/helping my brother play Legend of Zelda is oddly therapeutic.  

I might have to make a more concerted effort to post earlier.  The delay thus far is a direct result of my body refusing to arise form bed until at least noon.  I get up at 10 to no alarm and almost immediately fall back asleep.  This is a habit I'll need to break before college.  On Mondays at 10 I'd already be midway through my second class of the day.  Mhm, yeah.  Like I said, the habit must be broken.

It fills me with utmost delight to learn my letters and summer mixes to the Blogger Family are well received!  It also felt good to get crafty with the album covers -- seriously, that was a blast.  (If you're wondering, most were photos from the Urban Outfitters catalogue because they were gorgeous and epitomized summer.)

I'm hoping to become a better photographer and develop my personal style.  I'm realizing more and more that if I look up to Annie Lebowitz (okay, I don't, but if I did) that doesn't have to dictate what I take pictures of, like, at all.  I can do what I want.  How liberating.

When I keep talking about my future to friends, family, relative strangers, I always preface it with "If I'm serious," which is odd.  How come I'm not serious already?  How do I get serious?  It begs all these questions that I cannot answer.  Yet.

This project was brought to my attention by a Tumblr post made by Kayley Hyde (owlssayhooot on YouTube).  I watched it and immediately wanted to support the cause.  Further, if I'm ever in the same boat whilst making an independent film perhaps sometime down the road, I would hope I could count on you guys to help in some way.  If you're interested, you can make a donation on her Indiegogo.  If not, that's fine.  She encourages just helping spread the word!

Topping my to-do list for tomorrow is making a considerable dent in The Ghost Map.  Wish me luck!  What have you been reading lately?

Days until I start college: 26
Days until my birthday: 66


  1. I've forced myself into a 1 AM/8 AM pattern so I really hope I can keep that up for college. I bet all of the CD covers look so good. That's the kind of thing I'm never crafty enough to get done well, haha. And Emily is great so I really hope she can get the word out so everything can go smoothly with her film.

  2. It's good that you're in a happier mood! C: Your college schedule sounds a little frightful, though. My parents always tell me to start setting my alarm early so I'm used to it, but I never have.

    Blog-buddy interaction really is great.

    I don't really watch that show, but sounds like you've had a good time watching it, haha :P

    I should really do the "RE:" thing too so it's more clear when I'm responding to a comment and whatnot. Yeah. Perhaps I will.

  3. Sadly, my dog is my alarm clock and she'll wake me up as early as 6 am or as late as 7:30.

    I really need to get used to having an actual alarm clock though.

  4. I still manage to sleep in an extra half hour or so with an alarm.

    I thought the card was gorgeous. I also moved the album onto my MP3 player, and I intend to play it while I'm driving home from work today!

    I recently re-read Paper Towns by John Green. I always love re-reading his works...I want to re-read Dune sometime soon.