August 12, 2012

Family dinner.

Last night my family I went out to dinner at a local place called Café Unique.  I drive by it whenever I go to the library, but had never stepped inside.  After several failed attempts earlier this summer -- either they were closed or our plans suddenly changed -- we finally found time.  I ordered a MGM sandwich and strawberry shortcake ice cream.  Both were delicious and I savored every bite.  The rest of my family got a mix of appetizers and shared that.

Towards the end of our meal, a local band started setting up to play.  The drummer came and introduced himself to us.  They played a variety of Motown and soul songs and even though we left only a few songs into their set, it was pretty cool.  The bassist wasn't half bad looking either.

Today I got quite a bit accomplished.  I took another trip to Kohl's with my mom.  We had mega coupons to use and this time I was able to save even more by sticking to the misses' clearance section.  I swear, sometimes what I find there blows my mind.  I got a very good quality maxi skirt for merely $4. Now that's a deal.  This time I found a few tops that will match things already in my wardrobe, including a hi-low striped dress that looks very flattering on me! I'm sure I will take a picture at some point.  I can't wait to wear it this fall in Minnesota. Speaking of wearing things in Minnesota, I walked past some ultra cute infinity scarves and couldn't resist.

My mom needed a new purse so I seized the opportunity to look for a smaller cross body bag.  I figured I might not want to carry my bigger cross body bag into the city, but this new one can perfectly fit the essentials.
We also stopped at Target and I was determined not too get too much.  The wallet I currently have and love is falling apart so I found a fairly decent replacement.  I may keep using the former for a few more weeks then switch.  I've actually had this porcupine mini-wallet for a while and plan to take it to college.  I'll take pictures of the new purchases when I get around to it.  Probably tomorrow.

Okay, it's nearly midnight and my mom wants me.

Talk to you tomorrow!

P.S. Happy Birthday shout out to my friend Zack.  He's responsible for the title of this blog.  He's 19 today.  Crazy.

Days until I start college: 19
Days until my birthday: 59


  1. That food looks delicious. BEDA buddies, indeed! :D It's nice going somewhere for the first time and discovering that it's really, really good.

    Finding deals like that is fantastic! To be honest, I usually sacrifice quality for cost (by that I mean I shop at Forever 21). Haha, I look forward to seeing your new threads C: Both the purse and the wallet are super adorable, by the way.

    That is a shame! Do you think Tennis Lover and you will keep in touch? I have a year before I have to worry about Zack going to college but it still terrifies me. See, the good thing I did was that I told him I loved him! I wish I could devote an entire entry just to that, but tape over the mouth. Such a great feeling <3

    I guess I'll continue to reply directly, for the most part C:

  2. Yummy food! That sandwich is making me reaaaally hungry.

    Also, I LOVE coupons! Kudos to you for getting great deals!

    Also, happy birthday to your friend Zack!