August 25, 2012

Five more days in the Sunshine State.

Apparently an indie band from from the UK, Signals, started following me on Tumblr.
That was kind of unexpected considering I don't follow them.
 Shoot, I hadn't even heard of them before today.
Their music is pretty good, though.
I like their song Square Wheels.

I am feeling more and more apathetic.
Maybe I should make an energizing playlist I could dance to as I pack?
Yeah, I think I'll do that.
Why am I having such a hard time planning outfits?
Annoyingly, the high temperature during the day is predicted to be in the mid-80s, but at night it will most likely dip into the 60s.
To wear jeans or not to wear jeans; that is the question.
Any advice from people from northern climates?

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong.  
I don't think you'll ever be forgotten.

Have a nice day.

Days until I start college: 6
Days until my birthday: 46


  1. You have a lovely website, Lizzie! Did you design the sidebar buttons yourself?

    It looks like you're interested in Scotland, just like I am! Maybe you would like to go on a "virtual journey" through Scotland over at my blog, Hope to see you there :)

    Best Wishes,

  2. Oooh their music is pretty good! It's awesome that they followed you on Tumblr!

  3. Yeah, the temperature today went from 60 in the early morning up to almost 90 mid-afternoon. That happens a lot. I guess it depends on how much you're planning on being outside and/or how easily you get cold. But for the most part I'd just recommend layers!

  4. You could change clothes! I do that a lot; wear shorts to school and jeans later that evening. Layers are also good.

  5. Ahh, Tom Hiddleston; his acting in War Horse was unforgettable! (Not to mention he seems like a pretty nice chap.)

    In terms of clothing, I'd say that you could probably get away with wearing shorts throughout September, but one or two pairs of jeans are good to have on hand for when cooler weather arrives. And I don't know how cold it gets out there, but I can't recommend enough a hot water bottle. It is a warm and cozy life saver!
    Happy packing! :)