August 18, 2012

Fortunately, unfortunately.

These past few days have been great.  Thank you to everyone who wished me more eventful summer days.  Your words were prophetic!

Yesterday I got coffee with Emilia.  She filled me in on her senior year thus far, and I updated her about what I've learned about college (dorm assignment, job placement, etc.).  It was nice to chat like we used to in AICE Chemistry.  I'm going to miss her when I'm away, but she and I will definitely reunite whenever I'm home.

I am becoming more used to waking up at nine (as opposed to you know, noon) and I find I am much more productive.  Go figure.  Seriously, though, I've knocked off several items on my to-do list before I've gone out with a friend in the afternoon and it feels empowering.  I am slowly organizing more things to pack or ship to college.  The key will be to stay calm and not leave it all to the last minute, which I've done a pretty job with already.  My biggest fear is over-packing so I try to be very thoughtful of everything I get, including office supplies.  I heard that most classes will require traditional paper and pen note-taking -- a relief since I bought a few to use. 

Speaking of school supplies, my back-to-school haul video will probably be uploaded tomorrow!

Today I went to Brianna's house for a fairly impromptu art lesson.  She had expressed interest in learning more about drawing (and painting) and I offered to help!  The biggest thing is just practicing the techniques, however, and most of the time was spent explaining past projects I've done.  She said she didn't mind but I felt like a bad teacher!  Hopefully she enjoys her 3D class in the spring and when I'm home for winter break we can continue.  Hanging out with her is always a lot of fun and I plan to write her while I'm away.

The band Freelance Whales posted a Facebook saying that had tour dates planned. Of course they'll be playing a concert in Minneapolis at an 18+ venue a mere FIVE DAYS before my 18th birthday.  That's just my luck. I'm curious if anyone has had experience with this same problem.  I don't even know if they will ID me.  I really, really, want to go!  Basically of any band I'd love to see live, it's them!  (The one exception being Coldplay.)

Days until I start college: 13
Days until my birthday: 53


  1. Ooh, I'm excited to see that video!

    Maybe I should try getting up at nine too! Haha, not gonna happen, but really, it's great that you're getting things accomplished. You always seem so organized and on top of things! :) Continue having a great summer!

  2. Since I started getting up at 8 to run I have been so much more productive too! (Albeit sleepier, but whatever.) So that's great! Good luck with packing and everything. I should probably start on that. Hmm... that's really upsetting that you miss the deadline by 5 days. I don't know whether to tell you to chance it or not. Haha, maybe look at Yahoo Answers for potential help?

  3. :/ Most concerts that I've been to were at bars, and the most that they did was stamp my hands saying that I was underage. Everyone over 21 got a special wristband or something. When I went to see Young the Giant and Grouplove I was already 18 so I didn't have to worry about anything then, and I just flashed them my ID and was good to go.