August 04, 2012


Today is not a very good day.
Hence the hands over my face.
Still haven't learned my job.
Still have other things to do for college.
I should be reading.
I hate these negative vibes.

Tell me some good news.
Send me some positive vibes.
Please and thank you.


Days until I start college: 27
Days until my birthday: 67


  1. Cheer up! C: Don't worry about your job and summer reading or anything like that; for now, just go out and enjoy yourself. Take a break from worrying about college. It's summer! Smile :D

  2. I got your letter and am listening to the mix cd right now!

  3. Welp, I got your package in the mail and it made me super duper happy! It came at the perfect time because my dad had just given me a shit-ton of work to do for his website and I was nearly drowning in work, but your mix cd made it bearable, and even enjoyable!

    Chill with the college stuff! I know you're anxious (heck, I'm anxious for you!), but everything will fall into place. Everything will be wonderful.

    If it isn't, I give you permission to shave off my eyebrows at the next Blogger Family reunion.