August 09, 2012

I get carried away.

I'm already forgetting that K-12 schools have started where I live.  Lucky them.  Of course that means all my class of 2013 friends are posting sentimental Facebook statuses like "this is my last first day of school" and it shocks me: this was me a mere year ago.  A lot of things can change in a year, though.  And I feel they really have for me.

I've now gone back-to-school shopping for some dorm room essentials, clothing, and your basic supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.)!  Making me leave Target or Office Depot is a real challenge.  Speaking of Target, I'm planning on buying anything I don't otherwise want to pack or ship separately at the original Target in Minneapolis.  It's right next to Target Headquarters!

I'll probably be filming multiple back-to-school videos like I did last year.  I'm so excited to continue organizing every thing and then when I get there, actually set up my room.  It'll be so nice to have a fresh slate decor-wise.

This is sort of whiny, but I wish I had a phone whose battery didn't die every five minutes.  I feel this needs to change before I go to college or else I won't be calling home very often.

This performance to Passion Pit's "Moth Wings" from last season's So You Think You Can Dance was, and still is, beautiful.  Maybe I've shared it before but it's worth linking to again.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Days until I start college: 22
Days until my birthday: 62


  1. I've found that the best solution to school supply shopping for college is to try to minimize the amount you'll need to have on your person at any given time. I prefer Five Subject notebooks. They're lighter to binders, and there's enough subjects for, well, each of your subjects.
    Also, folders. I know it sounds like you're in elementary school, but a homework folder is the best gift you can give yourself when it comes to organizing assignments. Assignments to do on one side, finished homework on the other - it's a beautiful system.
    Dorm-wise, get a mini fridge. You'll be glad when you can keep milk in your room that doesn't go bad after a day or two.

    Also -> My name is spelled Isaac. You gave me two esses.

    1. (The link was just because I wasn't sure that was how it was spelled either)

    2. I'm confused; where did I call you Issac? I'm sorry I did, though. I still have trouble spelling Michael if it's any consolation.

    3. Look to the left. In your list of the Blogger Family.

    4. Aha! I'll right that after I write this. Sorry again!
      (But I should totally be a rapper.)

  2. It's amazing how different I feel from how I did last year. Exactly a year ago I wrote about how conflicted I was about taking two sciences. I remember feeling so nervous about the school year. I'm much happier now. All of the comments on that post are so supportive, calling me an overachiever and insisting I take a lunch...haha, you guys are great C:

    Back-to-school shopping is so great. Getting new decor and stuff must be awesome! I'm so jealous of all you college-bound folks :D Your year will probably be great! I mean, you're starting COLLEGE; that's uber exciting.

    1. asdfghjkl;!

      I have so much to do between now and when I leave but I am trying to be happy to do it all. Being happy is good.

  3. I love long comments! I'm debating whether I should start responding to people's comments on my blog. I did that with some shorter comments but I don't wanna start doing it exclusively without announcing it first!

    It is really fun to just go out and buy nice things, especially when you haven't in a while. I certainly cleaned myself out X) I doubt I'll be as willing to spend all my money when I have to get text books and stuff, but man, the allure of clothes is strong.

    I've never been to! I'll check it out later; thanks. I love things that look useful (like boots and utility jackets). A video of the sort would be awesome! :D

    Haha, I'll check those out. Dresses really are nice. I really have more than I need but I always want moooore X) Thanks! I really like them C:

    Don't worry; this comment was definitely longer than yours :P