August 01, 2012

It's time.

Hi, everyone. I'm doing BEDA again this month because OH MY GOD IT IS ALREADY AUGUST WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO!?  And other reasons.  But mainly that one.

Today started off slow, but has gotten progressively busier.  Usually this is a good thing, unless it's added stress which has sort of evolved into now.  It's hard to channel enough focus into writing this.  I have way too many other tabs open and thoughts randomly popping up in my head.  Like, "ooh, eat another rolo, Lizzie!" "Ooh, see if someone answered that question!" "Ooh, who uploaded a video on YouTube!" Clearly my conscience/voice inside my head exclaims "ooh" every time I have a thought...

Right, so, focused.

This afternoon I went to an optometrist appointment and learned my eyes haven't gotten any worse.  So that's good news!  And a relief!  I won't need to be changing prescriptions, at least conceivably for another year.  Plus this means my glasses don't need new lenses and I can just order more contacts.  Saving money.  Further -- and I think this is sort of rare -- both my eyes are equally sucky and thus if I put my "left" one in my right eye it won't even matter.  This helps especially when I've broken or lost one of the pair and am half blind trying to retrieve another from the annoying packaging.  Sometimes I feel I am literally trying to undo superglue with the package's seal and more often than not spill the contact solution inside all over my hand.  It's just an outright ordeal that would only be worse if I were forced to read the microscopic print and make sure I have the right one.  I don't know how other people do it.  (Okay, I do know how: they keep them in separate places to begin with and actually heed the L and R markings on the cases.  But yeah.  I think I made my point.)

We drove to the post office afterward so I could send off the remaining packages.  I think those should arrive Saturday, maybe Monday at the latest.  Please let me know when you get them!

Then I watched my brother venture in Zelda: Skyward Sword for a solid two hours.  Time well spent, I assure you.

Right before dinner I made the mistake of logging onto Facebook.  Incidentally (even though I took off notifications for my college's group) I checked it to find out people were learning their room assignments!  I quickly checked My Housing portal on my college to see mine.  Drum roll, please.

*drum roll*

...I'm living in a quad!  On a coed floor!  In the largest dorm!

The only potential issue is that it's technically an overflow quad, apparently meaning the room could be used as a triple.  So I guess this means four people will be crammed in a space meant for three?  Swell.

Wow, my heart is racing and my brain is nearly fried with this onslaught of new information.  I'm not entirely sure I've processed it all.  Maybe if I start getting ready for bed I can sort this all out in my mind and write about it tomorrow.  Deal?

Another albeit unrelated source of anxiety is my camera.  It keeps showing an error that the external flash refuses to pop up and to "fix it" I'm told to turn it off and on again, but to no avail.  I suppose I should just give it time to figure itself out and hope it works.

Talk to everyone soon.


Days until I start college: 30
Days until my birthday: 70


  1. :O I hope your camera issues get resolved. I always feel a pang of panic when cameras start to malfunction...

    Also WOO! You know your room assignment! I hope you get 'Blogger Family' quality roommates!

  2. Exciting! Hope the camera gets less grumpy!

  3. How exciting to know your room assignments! I guess a dorm with a lot of people could be good. More people to meet and potentially be friends with! Though hopefully it won't be toooo crowded...

    I'm going to do BEDA too! Thanks for reminding me that it's a thing X) Hopefully this will make up for my months of lackluster blogging and get me back into it.

    Hopefully your camera will be A-okay! :D I also just realized that I've used "hopefully" in every paragraph. Huh.

  4. Can't wait for the mix CD! Finding out the room stuff makes everything seem so much more real. I can't believe it's almost time to go off to college. A quad should be interesting! Good luck with your camera issues...

  5. I should start this BEDA thing to challenge myself. Maybe come September.

    Oooh, your dorm room news sounds exciting! It's always interesting to find out who you end up rooming with for the year. It's a great learning experience in getting along with new people in a new space, and you learn a lot about yourself too. It will all work out! You'll quickly find people you can click with.

    Hope you're having a great weekend! :)