August 07, 2012

Let's try this again.

Yesterday I received some very bad news.  I'm learning more and more, though, that it's how I react to these situations that ultimately determines their connotation.  Honestly speaking, most things are not so concretely defined "good" or "bad" and by trying to classify them into these two categories I'm trying to do the impossible.

So I've decided to take what I learned, what I experienced yesterday, and let it be a wake up call.  Let it teach me I have to take action NOW and that I need to take better care of myself. PERIOD.

Sorry to be so vague, but it's hopefully nothing too, too serious.  And although it will be time consuming and more than likely painful, there's no way around it.  I'm doing what I have to at this point.

That's my biggest problem: talking in modal verbs and somehow escaping from obligations.  I ought to do this, I should do that.  Yet, shamefully, even when I say I need to do something, I'm not very proactive in getting it accomplished.  That's why even when I've stated I need to take better care of myself, merely two paragraphs above, I'm worried I won't follow through.  Thus, it's about time I accept more responsibility and in the same vein, hold myself accountable.  I think I'm ready to make this step.

Fortunately, I finally learned my on-campus job assignment!  I'll be an Office Assistant at the college's Career Development Center!  I'm very content with this placement and I hope I can learn a lot of things from working there. 

Furthermore, I've read quite a bit of The Ghost Map and either it's picking up or I'm getting more used to his writing style.  

I hope you're having a lovely day.

P.S. I've started replying to comments on here, yesterday's especially.

Days until I start college: 24
Days until my birthday: 64


  1. Oooh your on campus job sounds interesting! At least to me, anyway. :)

    It's okay to be vague. I'm notorious for being vague on my blog, as well as IRL.

    Also, hooray for replying to comments!

    p.s. I replied to a comment you left on my most recent post.

  2. It's okay that you're being vague and I hope whatever bad news you recieved is managable. You're taking a good approach to it, nonetheless. I believe in your ability to do the stuff you have to! :)

    I wish we got like a notification when someone replies to our comment...though that might get annoying after a while X)

  3. I hope everything works out okay! :)

    And congratulations on your job on campus! That'll be an experience, as well as helping you later on!

  4. I should take a page out of your book. I've gotten too good at not getting anything done. I have a bunch of things I'm supposed to do before I go back to school but it seems like, in general, they're not really happening.