August 08, 2012

Never enough hours in the day.

You see, I wanted to write something funny about Craft Wars.  Instead I'm e-mailing my roommates and daydreaming about college.  Whoops.

A super duper quick update: Fortunately the problem I mentioned yesterday is not as serious as I thought it would be.  Further, I'm already following procedures to make it better!  Thanks for all your kinds words of support!  Those meant a lot.

Tomorrow there will be a better post.  I promise.  No, pinky promise.

Days until I start college: 23
Days until my birthday: 63


  1. I'd be surprised if you weren't daydreaming about college. How exciting! And it's super great that the problem isn't serious! :D

    We blogged twelve minutes apart! Haha, BEDA buddies.

  2. Replies
    1. A show on TLC that pits two crafters against each other make something awesome. I'll talk more about it today (the 9th).

  3. I'm glad that problem is at least somewhat solvable! That's always a nice thing to learn. I'm daydreaming about college right there with you.

    1. Somewhat unrelated, but I recently read in Newsweek that "according to student assessment of political leanings and diversity on campus" Vassar and Macalester are among the top ten liberal colleges. Also making the list: Smith, Warren Wilson, Sarah Lawrence, Oberlin, Hampshire, Grinnell, Bard and Swarthmore. Just figured I would share!

  4. Hooray for solvable problems! And talking with your roommate!