August 24, 2012

So I got an iPhone.

Most of today I was bored.   I realize this is largely because the majority of my friends are off to college already.  Lucky bums.  In the same vein, someone recently shared the same sentiment on my college's Facebook page, to which I commented: "In a way, I don't mind.  I can go to grocery stores and just out in general without having to make awkward conversation/avoid eye contact with the acquaintances ringing up my stuff.  Just my experience, though."  So there's that.

Yesterday I went and got an iPhone 4 to replace Motorola Droid that was dying.  I had to charge it nearly everyday (even if I barely used it) and it was just a pain.  I was also due for my contact renewal/two-year upgrade so it made since.  While there are some features I'll miss about it -- mostly the blinking light when I had a message -- I'm glad to have an iPhone.  It just makes more sense if I have a MacBook.  I can sync things more easily, have a back up cord, and finally see firsthand what's so great about Instagram*.  I've already started following quite a few of the Blogger Family, if not all, on there.  My username is pandasinfedoras if you want to follow me.

I have things to be packing/cleaning still.  I guess I'll go do that...

*I know Android finally had it, but my old phone doesn't like to cooperate.  For instance, every time I tried to open Facebook it would spaz out and force close.

Days until I start college: 7
Days until my birthday: 47


  1. My mom has an iPhone and she's obsessed with it. It's a pretty snazzy phone, though! :D


  2. Yay iPhone! I'm only annoyed when people post like 20000 Instagram photos every two seconds on every single social networking site everywhere but for the most part I like it.