August 27, 2012

Thank you, rain.

The vast majority of today has been centered around the weather.

This morning I had to go out in torrential downpour courtesy of Tropical Storm Issac to a dentist appointment.  Once there, I learned the problem is not fixed (their fault, not mine) and I had to schedule another appointment in December (Merry Christmas to me!) because I won't be home for the two more weeks they need to rectify it.  So that's great.  Basically it means I have to be extra careful with what I eat and how I eat it for the first semester of college.  In a lot of ways, this might turn out to be a positive thing.  Now I'll have a "legitimate" reason not to eat potato chips or drink soda besides that they aren't healthy for me anyway, which I guess has never stopped me in the past, but I digress.

The constant rain has hindered getting boxes to transfer everything I've packed to have sent separately.  Hopefully tomorrow is a clearer day.  I'm running out of time.

I had to endure the status updates about class cancellations or some variation of "I can wear my rain boots now."  I realize I subject myself to this slight idiocy so I'm complaining but I'm also not.

I took a nap this afternoon -- I never take naps.  I feel slightly more refreshed and yet still incredibly tired.  I think that will be a reoccurring theme this week.

My brother leaves tomorrow and I leave Thursday.

Stay awesome, friends.

Days until I start college: 4
Days until my birthday: 44


  1. I'm currently in the hotel room waiting for my parents to be ready so we can go move into my dorm, and it's raining here. So that's... not very convenient. Hopefully the rain won't be too much of a hindrance for you! And I can commiserate with you on the tooth problems... like four oral surgeries in the past year and at least two more... sigh.

  2. :( I hate dental issues. I think that's why I haven't been to the dentist in a year. Probably not the best thing for my teeth, but oh well.

    I hope the rain lets up a little bit so that you can get all of your stuff done before you leave for school!