August 17, 2012

The beach, dinner, and a movie.

Yesterday my friends Aniesa, Puja, Regina, Andrea, and I hung out nearly the entire day.  It was a lot of fun and by the end of it I was thoroughly exhausted, full, and happy.

We met at Aniesa's house around 11 after initially running late.  To kill time as Aniesa and Andrea continued getting ready, we sufficiently littered Andrea's school planner with notes and crazy drawings.  She's still a junior so she was technically skipping school.  What a rebel.  When the towels, watermelon and sunscreen were packed we hit the road for the beach.

Theoretically we stayed at the Ron Jon's resort (thank you Aniesa's parents!), but since half of our time was spent at the beach itself, it didn't quite feel like it.  Besides, we're not the tourists in need of a luxury room.  It's always strange to see so many little bedraggled kids with parents who are trying to have a good time yet probably actually aren't, the haughty vacationing newlyweds, and older snowbirds all invade what I call home.  Ironically, they were all more tan than I was.

We also indulged in the resort's "lazy river", standard pool, water slide, and lounge chairs.  The water slide was pretty awesome the first time but probably nothing compared to Wet 'N Wild, which I've never actually been to, if you can believe it, but have seen TV ads.  For lunch, we shared cool watermelon and chips poolside.  It was very enjoyable.

The movie we saw, Total Recall, was terrible.  We even knew this going in.  Sadly, there was almost nothing else to watch.  Movie lulls are the worst!

As the credits started rolling my stomach grumbled and when we were offered unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden afterwards, we took full advantage.  Then there was salad.  And my actual pasta entreé.  It was all delicious and our conversations about fedoras and mis-hearing what others were saying was entertaining to nobody but us.

Andrea and I pushed to get frozen yogurt nearby in spite of our full appetites.  Our plan was foiled, however, when the place we wanted to go to (plus Aniesa and I had coupons for from Project Graduation) was completely out of business.  What a gip!  (When I finally did get home, I busted our Strawberry Shortcake froyo so it all worked out in the end. )

Yesterday was also the last time I'd see Puja and Regina before they leave for college next week. Talk about bittersweet.  We hugged and said our final goodbyes.  Oh gosh, now I'm tearing up.  We scolded each other about using Skype and answering text messages.  We're gonna keep in touch, I know, it will just feel very odd to otherwise be living different lives.  As Puja pointed out, she and I are only together in increments of four years.  We were friends K-4th, she left for India 5th-8th, returned for 9-12th, and now we'll be gone for college.

In other news, I have ideas for other posts this month.  This means despite all the stress of packing and moving away to college I'll be experiencing, I can finish out BEDA strong!  My only issue will be figuring out how to post the 30th...I hope the hotel has Wi-Fi!

Days until I start college: 14
Days until my birthday: 54


  1. It sounds like you had such a great day with your friends! Summer days like this are the very best - although I agree, movie lulls are rubbish! It must be hard that you're parting ways for college and things, but with the internet and text messaging, at least it's pretty easy to stay in contact!

    Hope you're enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer!

    Chloe xxx

  2. I don't even know what Wet N' Wild is, but either way, things with water slides and such are always fun! Glad you had a another pre-college great summer day before everyone goes off. Omnomnom breadsticks.

  3. What a fantastic time! I wish I could have adventures like that, but none of my friends can drive multiple people yet. Ah well. The picture of the glasses it really cool, by the way.

    It must be so hard to leave all of your friends for college! I'm definitely not looking forward to it. But it's great that you'll stay in touch and continue to be friends C:

  4. Ahhh lazy river! That's my favorite part about water parks.

    I'm glad you had a fun time with your friends, it's so weird being separated from the people you spent the last four year (or more) with...