August 15, 2012

Visual journaling.

For my first semester of advanced art junior year, we had an intern help teach the class.  Most notably, she called my art "kitschy" and I was justifiably upset.  Considering the projects she made us do were typically very boring, I don't remember if it was her or my actual teacher who proposed the idea, to keep a visual journal.  While we were supposed to make entries daily, I'm pretty sure no one actually did.  There were a couple of us that used it a fair amount, myself included, yet there were others that completely ignored the assignment.  I found, however, that I was coming up with fairly creative ideas to fill the pages and it allowed me to express myself.  

One of the best parts was the cover I made:
As you can tell from the tattered edges and paint chipped away, this has seen better days.  The keyhole border was made with crayon shavings (glued down much like you'd do with glitter) and the key in the right hand corner is real (I know it's hard to tell with the scan.)  I don't remember the inspiration for this design, but if I had to guess it was a combination of the contents being "secrets" and my infatuation with Alice in Wonderland at the time.  Either way, I still think it looks cool.

Second semester, when things were crazier, my interest in keeping up with something like this dwindled.  One of my last few entires was my SAT admission ticket.  I assume from then on I was too overwhelmed with school work to carry on.

In a recent urge to make more art, I decided to start over.  Right now I don't have a cover, yet here's the first page!  Please tell me what you think.

I'm about to get ready to film a back-to-school office supply haul type video which you shall see in a couple of days.  Ta-ta!

Days until I start college: 16
Days until my birthday: 56


  1. Oooh! I like the concept of visual journaling!

    I'd probably leave mine half-finished though XD

  2. What a lovely idea! The outfit there is super cute, by the way.

    I never have plans till about four days beforehand. Then everything gets cray-cray and it's like everyone is vying for my time (but not really)! I don't have plans with specific friends but I am inviting all of my friends to my birthday party, so I guess that'll take care of that.

  3. Every time I've kept a notebook it's never been filled...
    I'm working to change that right now - I've got a notebook with four sections - one for each of the first four years of college. It should be interesting.
    I have the first section filled from last year, but there's still a whole lot of notebook to go.

  4. I've kept a mostly-worlds-but-also-some-visualness journal since January 1st 2010. While mine definitely does not look as good as yours, I've really liked keeping up with it. Definitely a great project to look back on.

  5. I love the idea of a visual journal as I'm constantly collaging, drawing and doing various other visual stuff. I really like the first page of your new one, especially the outfit with the colours of the black and mustard. It's amazing to be able to create something and look back on in the future and remember what inspired you to do that. Love it!
    Looking forward to seeing new pages from your journal. :-)

    Chloe xxx