September 09, 2012

Welcome to college.

This past week and half has been sweetawesome -- and I don't use that word lightly.

Despite packing up my life into suitcases and moving to live a 1,000 miles away from home, I haven't felt homesick or out of place.  Just the opposite, actually.  I've already had a revelation that this is where I need to be.  Not just want, need.  I can cite the precise moment I felt this, too.  It was during a group discussion with my Scottish clan (which are led by older students, Orientation Leaders (OLs)) towards the latter end of Orientation week.  We had just all heard two speakers present about TB and cholera and we were tasked to synthesize what we'd heard and apply it to our common summer reading assignment, The Ghost Map.  I suppose it was the way in which people added to the conversation -- be it  intelligently, humorously, insightfully, or personally -- that made me realize this and made me react positively. For once in my life, I felt like my peers were operating on the same wavelength as me.  I felt awesome.  And I continue to feel awesome daily.

I immensely enjoyed decorating my dorm room.  My area is directly across from the huge window thus I can look out over the street from my bed.  If you're wondering where I got most of my bedding and supplies, the answer is Target.  I must admit it was pretty darn cool to shop at the original store in Minneapolis.  It has two floors and cart escalators.  I almost died of excitement.

We did various things both on and off campus for Orientation.  On campus, I went to the first home football game with my roommate, Emily.  My college won, but we were playing a really terrible nearby college and we're only division III so really that's not saying much.  Still, I'm glad I went.  I got to hear bagpipes!

I also went to a Karaoke night, meet with my Scottish clan, figured out my schedule, and learned to navigate the cafeteria.  Plus (though none of this was planned) I hung out with various new friends and roommates in my spacious room.  We even had a clearly intoxicated visitor who invited us to a party and we politely laughed it off/declined.  Another night we watched a comedy improv group which was pretty good and reminds me most of Who's Line Is It Anyway because they played mini games.

As for what we did beyond the campus, I volunteered at a abuse shelter in the Twin Cities.  They need tutors for the kids there and I'm thinking about becoming one sometime.  Maybe not this semester or next, but next year is still a viable option.

To kick off welcome week and end Orientation, there was a Rocky Horror Picture Show on the campus lawn.  I couldn't dress up well enough so I helped my friend Oliverdress up instead.  I contributed the sequin bow headband repurposed into a bowtie and several other female friends contributed the leggings and bandeau.  Emily and floor-mate Dan also did their best to get in the spirit of the event.    

My classes have been amazing yet inherently stressful.  Especially my Texts and Power course because it will be a lot of dense reading.  I don't mind delving into art and lit analysis for my other classes, though.  It is obviously a transition from what I used to and I have to make the necessary adjustments.  As a reminder of just how good my life is, I've gotten mail from Lizzi and Maggie!  Thank you again, lovelies.  I will be sending a response soon. 

This weekend has been surprisingly chill even though I've had to do homework.  Yesterday I went to Lake Calhoun and explored uptown Minneapolis with my friend Lauren.  It was a good break from the routine I'm starting to establish here at my new home. Plus it was the perfect excuse to bust out my camera which I otherwise haven't had much occasion to use.  

This is insane. I already feel like I've been college for months. What have you been up to, friends? 

Days until my birthday: 32

P.S. I'm sitting in the floor lounge across from my room as I write this and someone is shaving someone else's head.  If this isn't college, I'm not sure what is.  Ha ha, the RA is joining in now.

P.P.S. I almost fell asleep in the same lounge as I was studying the other day but then a bagpiper started playing right outside.  My college is the best college.


  1. I love all of the pictures! I'm so glad you're having such a great time. Also, those "this is exactly where I'm supposed to be" moments are amazing.

  2. Wow, that's fantastic! It must be so great to feel as if where you are now is a culmination of all your efforts in high school--also to be having such an awesome time this soon in! I hope you have even MORE fun, even when homework starts to kick in! :D

  3. Yay! I'm so happy college is going so well for you! I think that it's so badass that you have bagpipers playing at football games and outside your lounge! That is too cool!

  4. I'm glad your having a great time! There's nothing like the first raucous week of orientation. Man, I'm jealous of your dorm room, because mine definitely did not look like that! It was a lot smaller, and older, and my window looked out to a court yard that was under reno.
    I remember somebody in my residence who got "rowdy" one night and shaved down the middle (a take on the mohawk?). He was in one of my classes the next day, and oh, how embarrassed he looked! (I think he eventually shaved the rest of his head, hahaha.)

    Don't stress too much about the work load, even the dense stuff--you'll learn to hone a balance between assignments and readings. It will all become second nature! And profs are great, it's amazing how much they know. :)

  5. Wow, college sounds amazing! So so glad to hear that you've been having a great time there. The pictures look awesome and I really love the way you've decorated your bed / work space! Wishing you the best of luck for college!

    Chloe X

  6. Sorry this comment is going to be absolutely terrible and short, but I just wanted to say that I love being able to read about your experience as mine is also going on. Also, I am totally jealous of your dorm room. The furniture looks so much more... sturdy than mine. Haha! It sounds like you're having an absolute blast and I cannot wait to hear more. Yay college. :)