September 29, 2012

You only want it 'cause you're lonely.

Lizzi recommended this song in a past post of her's and I've since had it on repeat. (Also, it explains my title. As you can tell, I'm not clever enough to come up with my own titles sometimes most of the time.)
The weather has continued to be gorgeous.  I am definitely enjoying dressing in jeans, boots, and thick socks.  The things I could never do in Florida, essentially.  I've also worn fleece pajamas to bed recently.  My recent fever and cold sickness has made me hot no matter what I wear, though.  Not cool.  Literally.

I wish I could better recount all my adventures.  Alas, my mind is constantly racing and contemplating what my plans are for eating, sleeping, studying and having fun.  Curse the triangle of college for being scarily accurate.  Clearly blogging has fallen to a lower priority, which upsets me despite knowing it shouldn't.  I'm just finally living my life and it'd be impossible to constantly distill it down so others can read about it.  This same issue is true for Facebook, of course.  I swear, I'm a social media addict, and I'm too engrossed in it to quit cold turkey.  How do other people live their lives more privately?

These items were recent on-campus purchases.  All I wanted from the expansive poster sale was Walter White's sneering face (because Breaking Bad is the best show over although I still haven't seen the season finale oh my god what kind of a fan am I?)  and the three handcrafted rings were from a random jewelry seller.  Money well spent, friends.  Money well spent.

Other things I've done (in bullet points since I'm lazy and want to take a power nap ASAP):
Alright, time to nap then do some Spanish.

Have a lovely weekend!

Days until my birthday: 11
Days until Fall Break: 26


  1. A rugby game? I'm jealous!

    Also, that song is addicting, right? I'm still listening to it on repeat!

  2. Seriously, the triangle of college is the most accurate thing ever. WOO BREAKING BAD. Two of my friends here just started watching it like two weeks ago and are almost completely caught up with the amazingess. One is a chem major so he really loves it. It's great.

  3. Ahh yes, that bloody triangle...

    I've sacrificed sleep. needless to say my health has been on the decline these last few years. :(