October 25, 2012

Fall Break 2012

After midterms, my college gives students and faculty an extended weekend.  Here is what I hope to do during the four days I have off!  I am not going home, by the way.  Friends are, including two of my roommates, but for me it just wasn't worth it.
  • Visual Culture paper revisions
  • Texts & Power presentation and paper
  • explore downtown St. Paul 
  • go to Target
  • write and send letters
  • go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (for my Visual Culture class)
  • watch Moulin Rouge!
  • bike along the Mississippi River
  • relax
  • celebrate Sana's 18th birthday

Days until Passion Pit concert: 6
Days until Winter Break: 53

October 20, 2012

Love is just greed.

Here we go again.  Days all blur into one and suddenly the whole week is gone.  I tell myself I'll blog more, or finally write to friends (sorry, Maggie! I am the worst) and it just never happens.
My roommates made this birthday banner for me.
They are the best.

I'm eighteen now.  It's insane to say I feel any different.  Certainly since coming to college in August I've just felt...well, older.  I think it's because independence ages you.  I'm happy to say I'm no longer a minor and legally an adult, though.  Most importantly, I get to vote in this general election.  I was mailed my absentee ballot and everything.  I also don't have to shy away when people say want to go out to a club, even though for other reasons I'm probably going to say no.

Luckily, I don't need to go to clubs to have a good time.  I've found fun things to do that don't involve drinking or any other stereotypical partying.  For instance, on October 11th, friends and I went to a Italian restaurant called Chianti Grill for my birthday dinner.  It was almost a no-go when the older lady before me at the desk tried to steal my reservation!  I had to politely tell her she was not named Lizzie. That debacle aside, the food was delicious.  I took pictures of what I ate to show to my mom and you all, my lovely readers.  I was in great company with my friends.  

And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!  It meant a lot.

I wasn't expecting gifts of any sort, but then Nicole (far right) surprised me with this awesome mix CD, and Rowena (center) gave me a gift card to Wet Paint, the local art supplies store.  I am very grateful to have such thoughtful friends in my life.  It feels good to be loved.

Originally we had planned to see a movie afterward, but I postponed it until Saturday night.  In fact, an almost completely different group of friends joined me to see The Master, which was great.  Particularly because I sat next to the guy I mentioned in my last post.  (I'm smirking.)  I quite enjoyed the film's cinematography, yet was less impressed with the plot line.  I feel like I've only been watching movies staring Philip Seymour Hoffman because this past week for English we screened Capote.  

On the guy front, this past Thursday he happened to pass me in the hall carrying coffee to drink and bread to eat in the kitchen across from my room.  I asked if I could join him, and he said absolutely.  He said he'd make me a cup from his blend if I provided the mug so I did.  We sat together again doing homework, but this time drinking coffee and listening to the swing music he put on.  Eventually we ended up talking, mostly about my "kickass mug" (the Great Mustaches one, thanks UO) and he proceeded to guess them all.

While talking to him is awesome, I'm learning to savor the moments he and I can just spend in the same space.  That said, we have plans to bike to the Mississippi river together at some point, most likely during Fall Break.  I'd like to buy paints before then and remember to take my camera.

I'm honestly just taking every day as it comes.

I hope everyone is well!

Days until Fall Break: 5
Days until Passion Pit concert: 11

October 07, 2012

Perhaps too fast.

The days go by fast here.  
Perhaps too fast.
I feel like I am always reflecting on a past adventure,
 or in the midst of enjoying another.  
Assignments and lectures are blurring together.  
Friends are more solid.  

Last Saturday I visited the Walker Art Center with my Visual Culture class.
This is the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture in the garden.
I'll have to go back to see it up close and personal.

We were there for the exhibit This Will Have Been: Love, Art & Politics in the 1980s.
It was very thought provoking.
I wrote a proper response for class.

 Zoe and I taught Sana how to ride a bike one evening.
The weather was gorgeous.

 After an emotional breakdown of stress and homesickness last Friday,
I went to downtown Minneapolis with three friends on Saturday.  
What a crazy night.

Sunday was for studying.
I spent almost the whole day in the library.
This was my pretty view. 
(I'm currently in the library again. Creature of habit?)

On Tuesday Sana and I took the bus to Target.
I bought some essentials because I had gotten my paycheck.
...But then I couldn't resist these candy corn Oreos.
I haven't actually tried them yet although they look delicious.

It's getting colder so I indulged in some hot chocolate on Thursday.
I love my mustache mug.

 This Friday night Emily gave a "tour" of Minneapolis to me and friends.
I put "tour" in quotes because we got lost.
Like, she had no idea where we were at points.

She apologized profusely and said she'd bake us all cookies to make it up.
I'll take that bribe, thank you very much.

Fortunately, it gave us the chance to finally take a roommate picture, though.
I still firmly believe I won the roommate lottery.

The more "artistic" shots of the night.  
I was so grateful to be taking pictures of a vibrant city,
not that my college campus isn't awesome.

 Sana and I in the restaurant we all ate at Friday night.
Afterwards we had to run to the bus stop, only to miss it by seconds.
A taxi ultimately brought us home safely. 

This panda hat kept me warm and sparked an inquiry from a new friend.
"Why pandas?" he asked.
And when I couldn't give him an answer, he laughed,
then flashed one of the best smiles I've seen in a while.
He may or may not have this other guy beat for the prize:
Best Smile Ever.

What can I say?
I love exploring off campus.
Meeting new people.
Having adventures.

Days until my birthday: 4
Days until Fall Break: 18