October 25, 2012

Fall Break 2012

After midterms, my college gives students and faculty an extended weekend.  Here is what I hope to do during the four days I have off!  I am not going home, by the way.  Friends are, including two of my roommates, but for me it just wasn't worth it.
  • Visual Culture paper revisions
  • Texts & Power presentation and paper
  • explore downtown St. Paul 
  • go to Target
  • write and send letters
  • go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (for my Visual Culture class)
  • watch Moulin Rouge!
  • bike along the Mississippi River
  • relax
  • celebrate Sana's 18th birthday

Days until Passion Pit concert: 6
Days until Winter Break: 53


  1. Woo! I'm a bit jealous you get to explore St. Paul. It's always seemed like a super awesome city.

    I hope you have fun during this short break!

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, it meant a lot to me. :)

  2. Have fun on the rest of your little fall break! Getting to explore downtown probably will be super duper fun, and biking along the river sounds like it would be quite enjoyable as well. We have the Hudson River here, but alas, I have no bike! Ah well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)