October 18, 2012

Get a grip, Lizzie.

We're both sitting in the lounge doing homework.
But he's listening to music and I think it's from his band.
Maybe not...I'm hearing commercials.
Aha, Pandora.
Wonder if he knows about Turntable.
We should have a Turntable party soon.
That'd be fun.

I wish I had my sketch book right now.
Actually, any piece of paper would do.
Some people are so drawable.
He just looked up at me
and now I'm smirking
oh god
I feel like I could burst
what is this feeling

now he's tapping his pencil on his notebook
no, HAWT (for Emily's benefit, though she will probably never read this)

I should be working on my paper
but my motivation is at zero
and my heart is beating at 100.
(I have no idea if that is normal or slow or fast, 100 just seems like a lot)

I hope he asks me out for coffee again soon.

Good night.


  1. Is this the part where we sing Hava Nagilah and lift you up on a chair? I can't remember traditions anymore.

    Congrats :D

  2. :D

    Reading this made me feel all happy and giddy for you!

    I'm going to send out tons of good feels for you out into the universe and hope he asks you out again!

  3. awwww lizzie!! this is really cute. & don't you love those feelings?? hehe. you go girl!