October 07, 2012

Perhaps too fast.

The days go by fast here.  
Perhaps too fast.
I feel like I am always reflecting on a past adventure,
 or in the midst of enjoying another.  
Assignments and lectures are blurring together.  
Friends are more solid.  

Last Saturday I visited the Walker Art Center with my Visual Culture class.
This is the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture in the garden.
I'll have to go back to see it up close and personal.

We were there for the exhibit This Will Have Been: Love, Art & Politics in the 1980s.
It was very thought provoking.
I wrote a proper response for class.

 Zoe and I taught Sana how to ride a bike one evening.
The weather was gorgeous.

 After an emotional breakdown of stress and homesickness last Friday,
I went to downtown Minneapolis with three friends on Saturday.  
What a crazy night.

Sunday was for studying.
I spent almost the whole day in the library.
This was my pretty view. 
(I'm currently in the library again. Creature of habit?)

On Tuesday Sana and I took the bus to Target.
I bought some essentials because I had gotten my paycheck.
...But then I couldn't resist these candy corn Oreos.
I haven't actually tried them yet although they look delicious.

It's getting colder so I indulged in some hot chocolate on Thursday.
I love my mustache mug.

 This Friday night Emily gave a "tour" of Minneapolis to me and friends.
I put "tour" in quotes because we got lost.
Like, she had no idea where we were at points.

She apologized profusely and said she'd bake us all cookies to make it up.
I'll take that bribe, thank you very much.

Fortunately, it gave us the chance to finally take a roommate picture, though.
I still firmly believe I won the roommate lottery.

The more "artistic" shots of the night.  
I was so grateful to be taking pictures of a vibrant city,
not that my college campus isn't awesome.

 Sana and I in the restaurant we all ate at Friday night.
Afterwards we had to run to the bus stop, only to miss it by seconds.
A taxi ultimately brought us home safely. 

This panda hat kept me warm and sparked an inquiry from a new friend.
"Why pandas?" he asked.
And when I couldn't give him an answer, he laughed,
then flashed one of the best smiles I've seen in a while.
He may or may not have this other guy beat for the prize:
Best Smile Ever.

What can I say?
I love exploring off campus.
Meeting new people.
Having adventures.

Days until my birthday: 4
Days until Fall Break: 18


  1. I'm glad that you're having fun in college and that you've made a solid group of friends!

    I love your artistic shots, it reminds me of all the magical things about cities at night. :)

  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely time! So happy for you.