November 30, 2012

Probably karma related.

After having one of the worst days yesterday, I anonymously received this compliment from someone at my college via a Facebook page dedicated to giving compliments.

"Lizzie you are just a generally awesome person! You are friendly and fun, and you always have a smile and a kind word for everyone. Your generosity, strength, wisdom, and compassion do not go unnoticed. I'm glad to have met you, and I look forward to getting to know you better over the next few years! Keep smiling :)"

So, that has kept me in a good mood as I continue to work on these last few assignments and final papers.  I WILL survive these next few weeks.

Fortunately I have fun things to look forward to, especially this weekend.  Prime example: tonight David and I are making holiday arts and crafts!   Then Saturday night, while everyone else is drunkenly dancing dressed to the nines at Winter Ball, Emily, Mo, and I will be having a double feature of Pride & Prejudice and Becoming Jane.  Maybe we'll drink tea and eat scones.

Good luck on finals, everyone!

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Days until Winter Break: 14

November 18, 2012

Holy wow!

This post comes to you today in three parts.

Part one: Fall Break 

Fall Break already seems like ages ago.  It's nearly Thanksgiving and I will be flying home to see my family soon.  Where has the semester gone? 

As regards to my list for Fall Break, I did everything but bike to the Mississippi (more on that later), and explore downtown St. Paul.  

Friday morning it snow flurried, hence the picture of dandruff-esque flakes in my hair.  Friday evening I went with friends to a masquerade party at a gay club.  Yes, you read that right.  We were celebrating Sana's 18th birthday and I think she had an awesome time.  I swear there's nothing quite as exhilarating as running to make sure you're at the bus stop on time.

Before Emily and Zoe left, we got together and made a sign for Sana because we love her and frankly that's just what we do.  I am still convinced I won the roommate lottery.

The days of break are sort of blending together now, but I also: ate proper brunch out with friends, visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (rode the bus all the way there and back by myself without getting and only spending $1.75), watched Moulin Rouge! and worked on the necessary homework.

Part two: Adventures

I didn't ride to the Mississippi with Austin over break.  I called to him to see if he wanted to go to a used bookstore with me.  He was in Minneapolis so we met up and got coffee (well, tea for me) at a place called The Blue Ox.  We got to talk there and on the bus ride back.  He makes me feel awesome and is usually great company.  We've hung out quite a bit this semester.  Just last weekend we went to a country concert with two other friends and this past week our First Year Course, which he's in, got to see Seven Psychopaths on the English department's dime and we talked about it afterwards.  We also saw my college's production of Romeo & Juliet together on Friday.  I could make a whole post about him except that would be weird since as far as I can gather we are nothing more than good friends, maybe even less than that? 

I used to wonder what the Passion Pit concert would be like.  I bought my ticket before even coming to college, before even entering the state, and before even meeting my roommate who also planned to go.  I was worried it would be a bust.  I'm happy to report it was completely awesome.  

They took away my Canon at the door so I had to resort to my iPhone camera for any photos.  I guess it didn't matter because that way I got to enjoy the music more.  Soak in the goodness.  Feel the bass literally move me.  I was vibrating with life and enthusiasm.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.  No exaggeration.  This was my first concert ever so I'm seriously glad it was Passion Pit.  I bought a cool band T-shirt despite having to pay an extra $3 in service fees to get money from the ATM.  I think it was worth it. There was something so surreal about being in the city, too.  Amongst friends.  Amongst strangers.  I loved it.

I didn't dress up for Halloween but my good friends decided to be the rainbow.

My First-Year Course classmates, professor, and I went to see Bad Bugs Bunny Films at the Trylon microcinema.  Our professor had to make two trips to take us in her Prius which meant the second group: Celeste, Alex, Austin, Nicole and I wandered into a Irani grocery,  bought, and shared tamarind juice.  As I recall, the conversation on the car ride back was amusing. I love my FYC and everyone in it.

Part three: Classes
My midterm grades were decent.  I know I am learning a lot and every moment I stress about getting work done is silly.  I always get it done.  Currently, however, I am procrastinating on writing a paper for the FYC class.  A draft is due Wednesday.  Yeah, about that...

I've done a lot of thinking about what I want to major in.  That said, I still feel like I'm figuring out who I am and can't truly decide yet.  I'll get back to you on that in a bit.  Maybe the next time I post. Har har.

Alright, my roommates are practically asleep so I should go brush my teeth, read A Clockwork Orange, and head to bed.

Days until Thanksgiving: 6
Days until Winter Break: 28