December 24, 2012

Almost Christmas.

I have quite a few blog posts planned for the remainder of the year.  I know, I know.  It's unusual, but shoot, maybe it's a Christmas miracle?

On Saturday I met up for lunch with Emilia.  She got to dish all the latest hometown/high school gossip and I dispelled secrets of college.  (Well, sort of.)  I am easily reminded of how small a town I live in when, despite sitting in the corner of World Market, we still run into someone we know.  I am glad she is doing well although ready to leave.  I was the same way this time last year.  Except I already knew where I was going and she has to wait until February to see if she got accepted to UF.  I'm fairly confident she did.

We also exchanged gifts before we ate.  She gave me a mix cd (I love love LOVE getting new music) and then two awesome nail polishes from Urban Outfitters.  One smells like peppermint and I'm wearing it right now.  If this was a proper beauty/fashion blog I would show you a picture.  In return, I gave her the sticker-fied mix cd (above), some Dove dark chocolate and the reindeer felt bag this was all inside.
After catching up with Emilia, I grabbed frozen yogurt with Puja and Regina.  (The best kind of froyo? Organic eggnog + a shit ton of toppings.) Aniesa's flight from Canada got in late so she couldn't join us.    Sad face!  Fortunately we have plans to exchange gifts and hang out later this week.  I should probably finish making her gift soon...
It was enjoyable as always to be with my friends.  Once we cracked a familiar joke, we realized we revert and regress into our "old" selves.  Seriously, no time could have passed.  But frankly we're not "new," either.  Just...different?

I have to write fast because I am about to go to McDonald's for dinner.  It's a family tradition to go every Christmas Eve (and in current years, it's basically the only time we go all year -- we know it's unhealthy otherwise.) It all started when my parents were practically dirt poor and continues today because, well, that's how tradition works.

Then, with the last few presents to wrap and movies to watch, my Christmas Eve will be complete.

Merry Christmas!

Days until the new year: 7


  1. What a nifty tradition!

    And scented nail polish?! What?


  2. Mix CDs are the best! I'm glad you got to catch up with your friends and have fun seeing them and such. It's great being able to just pick up right where you left off just like usual. Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. It's really nice you're catching up with your friends from high school! Mix CDs are awesome indeed and I didn't even know there existed something like scented nail polish :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Re: Thank you for watching and reading and everything. It means a lot. :)

    And uh, nope, Perks is not on DVD yet... cough. Haha, I watched it online. I know, I know. But yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of the book either so I was pleasantly surprised.