December 04, 2012

Final Push 2012.

I had one of the best days of college on Sunday.  I felt so comfortable in my skin.  My room truly felt like home.  Emily saw me doing something embarrassing and silly so we died laughing about it.  You know, the usual, but with extra awesomeness added in.  I think this is a good attitude to have going into the final two weeks, the final push.

I felt giddy and awesome.  Nicole and I worked on our final English project which requires us to contact and interview all fourteen of our classmates.  Essentially, we're asking about people's responses to what we've done for class.  We will compile it all together into a cohesive video that we will show on the last day of classes AKA next Monday.  That is so soon!  I will miss my FYC with every fibre of my being.

Alright, I should go finish revising these essays.  Have a good day!

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