December 29, 2012

We'll play at three-Kirby.

Time is starting to pick up again because for a while there it was crawling.  Then I would stay up late into the morning wrapping presents or browsing the Internet (cough mindlessly refreshing tumblr cough) and sleeping into the afternoon.  This is unhealthy and I plan to change my habit in the new year.

Christmas came and went in a blur.  More than previous years, I was aware of the preparation for it.  I wrapped my fair share of presents -- namely all of them except my own and ones from grandparents -- and am glad to give that a rest.  I just had to do a few more last night since close friends and I had our gift exchange today and now I can be DONE...until I wrap my roommates' gifts.  Oh my goodness, I can't wait to give them theirs.

The pictured orange rolls are divine and a Christmas morning tradition.

The other picture shows off various gifts from my stocking including gingerbread marshmallows, green nail polish, Revlon lip butter in Tutti Fruitti, stickers, two scarves, a pretty handmade bracelet and iTunes gift cards. 

My largest gift otherwise was a John Green box set.  I realized it's not signed because I sent my mom the wrong link.  Oh well.  Now I shall make it my mission to meet John Green himself and have said copies autographed in person.  That experience is much cooler.  I mean, I met Garrison Keillor this fall at a bookstore a two minute walk from campus and he signed a book for my mom.  That was pretty darn cool.  

My Secret Santa Blogger Family ornament swap was from Maggie.  She got me the most adorable dinosaur and made a great Christmas mix cd.  Thank you again!  I really love it.

Talk to you again tomorrow!

Days until the new year: 3


  1. you met garrison keillor!? mega wow and INSANELY jealous...would trade for my john green signed box set, no joke. watch all the extra material though, it's fascinating (even without his signature). :] sounds like an awesome christmastime!

  2. What an awesome Christmas! Also, the Blogger Family ornament swap was the best idea ever. Everyone got such cute ornaments! :)