December 31, 2012

What a difference a year makes.

Dillion and Maggie have inspired me to do a year-in-the-review post.  The last year I did this was 2009, my first full year blogging on Blogger.

The first few months were fairly boring.  On New Year's Day itself, I lamented a terrible New Year's Eve due to attending a party like an outcast.  Fortunately, the rest of January redeemed that one night.  I read and cried over The Fault In Our Stars.  I reflected on impressions.  I played Super Smash Bros., ate good food, and hung out with friends.

I only blogged once in February.  Varsity tennis had consumed my life, and not in a good way.  In March, I caught you guys up on what I did in February.  I wrote an open letter to the month because during it I was gifted my lovely MacBook pro.  Most interestingly, I suppose, I dissected The Hunger Games fandom.

Over the course of April I got to see tremendous growth.  I successfully did BEDA (Blog Every Day in April/August) for the second consecutive year, even though I'm sure there were some days I didn't want to write.  But I learned to accept failure, saw my last high school musical, dealt with a frustrating Physics teacher, got addicted to Tiny Tower, celebrated Earth Day, and did various end-of-the-year and senior related activities, including putting my hands on the wall at school.

May was full of milestones.  I graduated high school and very shortly after had my first kiss.  I wouldn't be done taking exams until mid-June, but I still supported Brianna's garage sale and had lunch with Patricia.  Patricia and I remarked about the months ahead of us and wrote in each others' yearbooks for the last time.  In order to experience a lot of firsts, we had to experience an equal number of lasts.

June brought more adventures with friends.  We saw Brave.  We ate pizza and exchanged graduation gifts.  We just generally shared awesome times together before we went our separate ways for college in the fall.  By the end of June, I had exhausted my free Netflix trial and I reviewed everything I saw.

The days blended into the next month -- as they often do during the summer -- and soon enough it was July.  I restarted my 365 photography project after an unsuccessful attempt last year.  I finally edited footage from my trip to the Twin Cities last year and made two videos.  And I sent out a lot of blogger family snail mail.  I ended July by honestly giving my two cents about waiting to go to college.

August was eventful.  Once again I participated in BEDA.  Considering I was also on the verge of beginning college 1,000 miles away, it may have been a helpful distraction.  Friends were leaving practically every other day but I was determined to still make the most of my free time.  For instance, I held a garage sale with Brianna, this time selling my own unwanted clothes and jewelry and ultimately earned $90.  We plan to have another one this coming January and it should be a lot of fun.  Other notable accomplishments:  I finished the common reading for my college.  I made a Summer 2012 soundtrack.  I got an iPhone.  I learned my AICE test results and could thus completely put high school behind me.

After an extended summer, I started my first semester of college and loved it. I didn't blog much in September, and when I did, it became a massive struggle to already recall all my crazy, awesome adventures in college.

October began with a prose/poetry entry discussing yet more outings.  I experienced an incredibly a girly moment as I spent time with a cute guy and recalled how I spent my 18th birthday.  Last, but not least, I planned what I'd do during my Fall Break.  I would also have a fantastic fall break and attend my first concert ever but not write about it until mid-November.

Midterms mostly dictated my life, so I had an epic-and-probably-way-too-long recap post about what I'd done at the end of October and beginning of November.  Which evidently was a lot.  I came home for Thanksgiving break and realized I have a new home in St. Paul that I was missing, despite only being away for the four days.  Upon going back I had to register for classes and had one of the most awful days until I received an unexpected and anonymous compliment.

December came and went.  The first two weeks marked a final push as I worked hard to end my first semester of college on a positive note.  I came home missing all the friends I'd made, things I'd learned and growing I'd sustained and, in attempts to fill a void, was instantly drawn to see friends from high school.  Then it was suddenly the holidays so my brothers came home, good food was eaten, and gifts were given.

And now I sit on childhood bed, glamorously snacking on dehydrated pears as I write this and get a chance to reflect on just how substantial 2012 has been.  This year has demanded a lot from me, but I was definitely eager for the challenge.

Here's to an awesome 2013!


  1. Mmm this is such a cute and quick recap! great overview of an entire year of blogging! :]

  2. Awesome recap! It's amazing how much can happen in only a year! Here's hoping that next year is even better!