January 31, 2013

First week back.

My first week back at college so far has been eventful. (And it isn't even over.  I just wanted to post once more in January.)

So, in no particular order I've:
  • Written a poem.
  • Gotten awesome gifts from my roommates and friends.  
  • Played bingo for books (and failed miserably).
  • Learned we are made of stardust (thank you Contemporary Concepts in Physics).
  • Eaten dates.

Since I've written last, there have also been many birthdays.  Too many birthdays, really.  My mom had hers the Saturday before I left for school, my brother's was on Monday, and then Zoe's 19th b-day is today.  They're getting so old.  (It's okay, I suppose I am too.)

Today has been quite blissful.  This Thursday (because this week is absent of my T/TH Spanish labs), my only class is at 3 pm. And it's Creative Writing, so it should be awesome.  Next Tuesday I have a poem due.  It has to be about a thing.  I will keep you updated.  Probably via Twitter.

Before I leave you, here is my recent philosophy:
Talking to people is beautiful.  You never know what you'll learn.  Don't squander the opportunity, even for a hello.  Maybe you'll find a best friend in waiting, a future partner in crime.  The possibilities are endless.  Give it a try.

Hope you're having a good day!  I have to go put on real pants and brave the cold now.

January 18, 2013


My past few days have been pretty good.  All my college friends are back at school so I've been devouring YouTube videos, listening to music almost non-stop, and meeting up with my current senior friends.  Emilia and I got coffee and discussed the usual topics.  She has some traveling in her future, namely to Paris and London over Spring Break and I can't wait to hear about her experiences!

Simaya and I caught up over smoothes.  She's the awesome gal headed to Vassar next year and I couldn't be happier for her.  I'm just sorry that she, like me, has to endure an entire semester of senior year already knowing where she's going to college.  But that's okay because it should also make things easier and overall less stressful. Yay!  

I was skyping with Erin and we commiserated over feeling purposeless lately.  We laze around and absorb ourselves in TV shows.  I am glad I have managed to study Spanish, though.  Maybe now the 5-credit class won't (entirely) crush my soul.

In other news, this week Austin is visiting his grandmother who lives an hour away from me.  If only we could have proper adventures!  I could give him a tour of my hometown.  We could go to the Kennedy Space Center.  But alas, he is here to see his grandma.  He had, however, texted me last week to say he'd be coming and was "making sure I'd be around."  It was cute.  Perhaps sometime in the future?

My mom had tickets to a modern dance performance by MOMIX.  Not much to say about it besides they were SO ATHLETIC.

I bought an instant film camera and I couldn't be happier.  It's a Fujifilm Instax MINI!  I can't wait to use it back at college for this awesome project that I'll write more about when it happens.

Catch you guys on the flip side.

January 07, 2013

Winter playlist.

 * I'll be seeing Stars in concert with Milo Greene as an opening act on March 26th. 
** My ├╝ber awesome FYC professor played this on vinyl at her house during a class dinner. 

Step 1. Click on the song to play it.
Step 2. Enjoy!

What are you listening to lately?  
Are you an avid playlist maker?